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Weekly DWI Report

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Featured DWI

Shaun-Mychelle Stewart

April 21, 7:53 pm

Aggravated DWI (Third)

Driving recklessly and endangering the life of a child led to a Window Rock woman, Shaun-Mychelle Stewart, 36, being arrested and charged with her third DWI.

Gallup Officer Vincent Thompson responded to a call for additional assistance at Speedway at 2654 E. Hwy. 66. Thompson arrived at the scene where other officers advised him of a red Toyota Tundra that had been swerving and parking in the lot to the station.

Officer Patrick Largo stated he activated his unit’s emergency lights and met the driver, Stewart, who was reportedly showing signs of intoxication including slurred speech and smelling of alcohol. Stewart became argumentative with Largo, who said he then heard a small child in the backseat of the vehicle.

Stewart exited the vehicle but continued to resist commands as she was placed into handcuffs. A search of the vehicle revealed an open container of Voodoo on the driver side floorboard.

Thompson met with Stewart and confirmed the signs of intoxication. She reportedly remained uncooperative with Thompson’s commands and her refusal to let him remove her handcuffs was taken as a refusal to take the Standard Field Sobriety Tests.

A family member arrived to pick up the vehicle and the child while Stewart was placed under arrest. She refused to give a breath sample and was transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked for aggravated DWI (third), abandonment of a child, resisting arrest, open container, and no insurance.

Her pretrial hearing is set for May 30.

Name: Hamilton Nez

Age: 42

Arrested: April 19

Charge: Aggravated DWI (Second)

Status: Pretrial hearing on

May 14

Name: Dempsey Lincoln

Age: 21

Arrested: April 17

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Pretrial hearing on May 21


Name: Josiah Johnson

Age: 24

Arrested: April 15

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Pretrial hearing on May 14


Name: Tobie Roanhorse

Age: 59

Arrested: April 14

Charge: Aggravated DWI (Second)

Status: Pretrial hearing on May 16

Name: Tyrrell Hoskie

Age: 33

Arrested: April 13

Charge: DWI

Status: Pretrial hearing set for May 14

Name: Dakota Brown DeChee

Age: 30

Arrested: April 12

Charge: DWI

Status: Pretrial hearing on May 14