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Q: How is Celine Dion doing since she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder? Will she ever sing in front of an audience again? — N.G.

A: Two years ago, Celine Dion was diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome, a neurological disorder with an unknown cause and an uncertain prognosis. In an interview with Vogue

France, she said that she undergoes physical and vocal therapy five days a week and hopes to sing again.

In February, Dion presented a Grammy Award to Taylor Swift. She looked happy and radiant, leaving her fans hopeful that they’ll hear her angelic voice on stage again someday.


Q: Is it true that Garcelle Beauvais is leaving Real Housewives because her acting career has taken off? She’s the only levelheaded one in the bunch, so I wouldn’t blame her if she quit. — T.S.

A: There have been several firings and voluntary exits among Bravo’s Real Housewives lately, but Garcelle Beauvais is not one of them — at least not yet. The popular cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills began her career in front of the cameras as a model for the Ford agency before getting bit by the acting bug. She appeared in the Eddie Murphy film Coming to America and its sequel, as well as The Jamie Foxx Show and the short-lived Aaron Spelling primetime soap Models Inc..

After her career lagged a bit, she joined Real Housewives in 2020. While most actors look at reality television as a step down, this had the opposite effect on Beauvais’s career. Viewers were charmed by her wit, level headedness and beauty, and her career in Hollywood was reborn.

In 2023, Beauvais produced and starred in a hit movie for the Lifetime network called Black Girl Missing. She recently inked a deal to produce two more telefilms under this franchise, which will “continue the imperative conversations about systemic inequalities where missing girls and women of color are ignored.”

She’ll also star in another Lifetime movie, the first of what hopes to be many with the introductory title Terry McMillan Presents. If that name sounds familiar, McMillan is the novelist behind some bestselling books that were adapted into hit movies, like How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale.

With all this success, don’t be surprised if Beauvais does leave the bickering Housewives behind her, but as of now, she’s expected to return next season.


Q: Is Russian Doll ever coming back to Netflix, or has it been canceled? — K.S.

A: According to TVLine, the Netflix drama Russian Doll was originally intended to take three seasons to tell its story. However, it’s been two years since the second chapter ended, but the writers’  and actors’ strikes last year played a role in its delay.

In the meantime, the show’s star Natasha Lyonne found herself with a new hit show on her hands, Poker Face, which streams on Peacock. Will she have time to star in both shows? According to Lyonne, there are “potentially more adventures” for Russian Doll’s Nadia, but “it’s gonna take some time.”

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