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Love bites

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Woman faces battery charges after fighting with her boyfriend

A woman from Mentmore, New Mexico has been charged with battery against a household member after she attacked her boyfriend in a local laundromat parking lot.

On Jan. 21, around 9:15 pm, Gallup Police Officer Christopher Dawes was dispatched to the West 66 Laundromat at 108 W. Camino Del Monte after a man said he had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend, who was later identified as Amanda Largo.

The victim reportedly told Metro Dispatch that after their fight, Largo, 33, was walking toward the nearby Love’s Truck Stop. She was wearing a black sweater and black shorts.

Dawes was parked at TA Truck Stop at 3404 W. Hwy. 66 when he saw a woman who matched that description. He got out of the car and approached Largo, but she reportedly refused to talk to him and walked away. Dawes had to get back into his patrol car and follow Largo to the Navajo Plaza Gas Station at 3360 W. Hwy. 66.

In an effort to avoid Dawes, Largo began walking onto the highway, and Dawes reportedly had to grab her to prevent her from being hit by oncoming traffic. He explained who he was and why he needed to speak to her.

Largo told Dawes her side of the story, saying she was attacked by her boyfriend and her mother at the West 66 Laundromat. She said she tried to get away from her boyfriend because he bit her hand and then her mother pushed her to the ground.

According to Dawes’s report, he could smell alcohol emitting off from Largo, and she had bloodshot, watery eyes. Largo admitted that she wasn’t supposed to be drinking.

In his report Dawes noted that Largo did have a red bite mark on her left hand. He placed her in his patrol vehicle and explained that in order to conduct a domestic incident investigation, he would need to speak to her boyfriend as well.

Dawes drove back to the laundromat and spoke with Largo’s boyfriend. The man said Largo had been drinking, and he wanted to drop her off at her mother’s house.

While he was driving, Largo reportedly became angry, and she allegedly began punching him in the face and pulling his hair. The man said he grabbed Largo’s hand to prevent her from hitting him again, and that’s when Largo bit his right elbow.

The man said he also bit Largo’s hand because she was hitting and biting him while he was trying to drive. He said he drove to the laundromat because that’s where Largo’s mother works.

Largo’s mother reportedly came out of the business and stopped her daughter from attacking the victim.

According to Dawes’s report, the victim had a bloody nose, and blood on his sweatpants and jacket. He also had a red bite mark on his right elbow.

Dawes also spoke to Largo’s mother, who backed up the victim’s story. She said the victim drove up to the laundromat with his car’s horn blaring while she was trying to close up the business. She said she went outside and saw Largo pulling the victim’s hair and punching him in the face.

Largo’s mother said she pulled her daughter out of the car, but then Largo walked over to the driver’s side door and continued to attack the victim. She eventually walked off though after the police were called.

After hearing from the victim and Largo’s mother, Dawes placed Largo under arrest and transported her to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center, where she was charged with the aforementioned crime. Her pretrial hearing is scheduled for Feb. 15.

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