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Weekly DWI Report

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Featured DWI

Carl Joe Tso

Oct. 15, 12:15 am

Aggravated DWI (Third)

Reckless driving led to a Mentmore man, Carl Joe Tso, 43, being arrested and charged with his third DWI.

A witness advised Metro Dispatch they had seen a gold GMC Yukon that ran the flashing red lights near the intersection of South Second Street and West Coal Avenue and had parked before the railroad tracks.

Gallup Officer Vincent Thompson traveled to the scene, where he found the vehicle south of the tracks and conducted a traffic stop. Thompson approached the passenger side window and saw the driver, Tso, slumped over in the driver’s seat. He tried to wake Tso up, at which point the vehicle reportedly began to move forward.

Thinking the suspect was trying to leave, Thompson got back into his unit and followed the Yukon east on Highway 66, which pulled over between First Street and Second Street and parked partially in the roadway.

Thompson met with Tso and began questioning him. Tso allegedly stated he had just gotten off work at Applebee’s and had been working several days straight which led to him being tired. As he spoke, Thompson observed Tso show signs of intoxication including bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Tso exited the vehicle at Thompson’s command and said he had consumed several unidentified beverages prior to driving. Officers arrived at the scene and searched Tso’s vehicle, where they reportedly found two open containers of Truly.

After agreeing to take the Standard Field Sobriety Tests, Tso performed poorly and was placed under arrest. He agreed to a breath test and was transported to Gallup Police Department for the test, where he posted samples of .30 and .28. Tso was then taken to McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked for aggravated DWI (third), driving with a revoked license, parking in the highway, and having an open container. His motion hearing is set for Feb. 9.

Name: Alyssa Yazzie

Age: 26

Arrested: Oct. 12

Charge: Aggravated DWI (second)

Status: Pre-trial hearing held Nov. 16

Name: Donovan Cadman

Age: 23

Arrested: Oct. 10

Charge: DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Feb. 2

Name: John Hoskie Jr.

Age: 52

Arrested: Oct. 9

Charge: Aggravated DWI (second)

Status: Pre-trial hearing on Jan. 4

Name: Philander Sam

Age: 36

Arrested: Oct. 6

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Failed to appear at Nov. 9 hearing, warrant issued

Name: Myles Yazzie
Age: 21

Arrested: Oct. 6

Charge: DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Jan. 26

Name: Andres Tovar

Age: 32

Arrested: Sept. 24

Charge: DWI (Second)

Status: Pre-trial hearing on Dec. 14