Letter to the Editor: COVID helps sweep Gallup streets


Dear Editor,

An eyesore around Gallup has somewhat vanished since the closing of the uptown motels and the prohibition of hard liquor sales at the local gas stations.

It’s high time they closed those motels and ordered them to clean up. I imagine that it took a mayor’s order to do just that, especially before the busy tourist season. And if not by his orders, then whom? Someone who has more oversight of his town, than him?

I can tell you that as a weekend warrior and someone who has taken to the streets of Gallup at times, IMPORTERS VODKA, at 4 or 5 bucks a pint was the major cause of eyesores at these gas stations. Those gas stations that sold hard liquor would stack cases of Importers next to the cash register because that’s how much and fast they sold that hard liquor on a daily basis.

So I can only imagine how hurt gas station operators would be from all those lost hard liquor sales, again, mostly from cheap Importers vodka.  What’s going to be next? Reintroduction of Garden Deluxe at discount prices?

I’m glad that McKinley County got lucky and fit the criteria in order to halt hard liquor sales at its gas stations. Look around Gallup and see how many fewer inebriates are around asking for change to buy cheap liquor from local gas stations.

Mayor, clean up this town. Give tourists a reason to come back!

Rod Jackson