Letter to the editor: Learning opportunities in a more peaceful world



A GMCS announcement in Gallup Sun’s May 28th edition of a promising opportunity for STEM Core students drew my attention.

I hope this “internship” program is still available for local students and hope participating students will enjoy gaining more understanding of their true interests and begin exploring career pathways.

Over the years some taxpayer-financed research in the National Labs has been beneficial. One notable example was providing the expertise needed for the development of the 2016 JCPOA, the Iran Nuclear Deal.

However, students visiting the Labs might now learn that production of nuclear weapons has replaced much of the Labs’ research activity, especially at LANL where plutonium pits, the explosive warhead cores, are being manufactured.  These students should still be able to benefit from this internship experience.

Although politicians of both major parties, in service to war-profiteering corporations, support a “modernization of nuclear arsenal,” our government already has 5,800 nukes, doesn’t need more and shouldn’t be wasting $1.7 trillion dollars. Adversary designations, disseminated hatreds and fears, and threats of war are irresponsible and dangerous.

We older folks must do our part to ensure that younger people have special learning opportunities and are also able to pursue their careers and dreams in a safer, more peaceful world.


Don Hyde
Gallup, NM