Letter to the Editor: Overflow hospital needs community support and help


The new COVID-19 overflow hospital at Miyamura HS has been constructed in record time.  In record time the National Guard together with local health officials have turned a gym into a 60-bed overflow COVID-19 patient care center. And we can all be grateful. They will be needing some supplies that we can provide. A website has been set up and we can all help.  The website page is: https://acfmiyamura.wordpress.com/

The plan is for community members to sign up on the page and as needs arise, the hospital staff will post it, and this will be automatically emailed to those of us who have signed up. For example at the time of this writing, they will need sixty serving trays for patient meals. The web page has four sections - Home Page, Items Needed, About and Contact, and Schedule a Drop-off.

The About page is succinct.

Running the Alternate Care Facility is a collaborative effort between the State, the Community, the GIMC, and RMCHCS. As you can imagine, the State and local hospital resources are strapped given the Covid-19 epidemic, and some of what is needed for patient care, as well as patient and provider safety and comfort, can only be sourced with local generosity.

This website was set up to tap into our community base, and to help you reach out in order to bolster this effort. Please assist with your thoughtful donations. We will regularly post our needs. It is also important that the site NOT receive what is no[t] useful.

Thank you for your help!

So please post yourself to this website and be part of the solution.

Mike Daly
Gallup, New Mexico