The legal limit is .08

Garrick Tsosie

Feb. 3rd, 4:10 am

2nd DWI

Gallup Police Department Officer Francis Collins arrested Garrick A. Tososie, of St Michaels, AZ. Garrick A. Tsosie  is charged with DWI, second offense. GPD Officer Collins encountered Tsosie at 4:10 am on County Road #1.

Collins reported that Garrick was sleeping in the driver’s seat with his right foot on the brake peddle with the engine running. Collins further reports, “Garrick woke up and drove a couple of feet” before stopping for the officer. Tsosie complied with commands to put the vehicle in park. He exited the vehicle and submitted to standardized field sobriety tests.

Further, Collins reports that when Tsosie was questioned he admitted to having some (alcoholic beverages) earlier in the day.  He submitted to a breathalyzer. Collins reports, “Both samples had a reading of 0.14.”

Collins transported Tsosie to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center. It is also noted in the reported, “Garrick verbally admitted to consuming alcohol and realizing his mistake. Garrick said he needed help with his drinking.” S.Annis

Tye Arviso

Jan. 27th, 2:40 am


Gallup Police Department Officer Andrew Thayer stated in his report that Arviso “knowingly drove intoxicated … he had an open container of Corona in hand.”

Thayer witnessed a red Honda Prelude heading southbound that “made several wide swerves … almost going over the center median several times. The vehicle then stopped well past the white line at the stop light on Second Street and N.M. 602.

“The driver placed an open Corona bottle on the passenger side floor board,” the report states.

Arviso, 39, admitted to the officer he had been drinking at Sports Page, having four to five beers within two hours. It is noted that Arviso agreed to field sobriety tests while in the parking lot of the Family Dollar south. Thayer’s report also states that “Arviso failed this test.”

Arviso refused to take the breath tests, earning an aggravated DWI. S.Annis

Dion Mitchel

Jan. 26th, 11:45 pm

Aggravated DWI, 2nd

Dion Mike Mitchel, of Tohlakai was arrested Jan. 26 by Gallup Police Department Officer Daniel Brown. The list of charges include DWI, driving with a suspended or revoked license, careless driving, resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer.

Brown witnessed “a dark colored min-van” that “traveled through the intersection at a high rate of speed making no attempt to stop at the red light,” his report states.

When Brown attempted to stop the vehicle the “mini-van did fail to come to a complete stop at the red light.” Brown then pursued the vehicle. His report notes “As I approached the driver’s side window, the mini-van accelerated.” Brown pursued the vehicle further.

Brown states, “I lost visual of the while due to the darkness.”  Brown caught up with Mitchel at the intersection of Coal Basin.

Dion, 43, refused to take field sobriety and breath tests

With assistance from Officer Thayer the scene was secured. Medstar was called to transport Dion Mitchel to the Gallup Indian Medical Center.

Dion was cleared at the hospital and transported to the county jail. S.Annis

Jonathon Kee

Nov. 4, 9:58 pm


Hitting someone and trying to speed off didn’t work well for Kee. GPD Officer Steven Peshlakai pursued Kee as he flew through a red light at Maloney Ave and Kachina Street in his red pickup, nearly causing an accident. He continued to lead police on a chase around the U.S. 491 and Maloney Avenue area, spinning out of control and nearly wrecking a couple of times.

Stop sticks were deployed at Dollar Tree Plaza, flattening a couple of Kee’s tires. He finally came to a stop in the Applebee’s parking lot, where he was promptly taken into custody.

He smelled of alcohol and admitted to having a few beers. Kee, 26, cooperated with police and took the field sobriety tests. He blew a .11 twice during the breath tests. He was also cited for reckless driving and driving with a suspended/revoked license.

Danica Lynn Yazzie

Oct. 19, 1:58 am

Aggravated DWI

Yazzie was caught in the act yelling at a Burger King worker in the drive thru. GPD Officer Chavo Chischilly approached Yazzie and asked what was wrong. She replied that she wasn’t happy with her food. That’s when he noticed that she had bloodshot, watery eyes and smelled of booze.

Yazzie, 25, agreed to take the field sobriety tests, which she failed. She blew a .20 and .18 during the breath tests.