Woman allegedly beats minor with a bat


A woman claimed to have been beaten with a bat, but police soon found out that she was the one that had reportedly attacked a minor with the bat.

On June 6, around 7:50 pm, Gallup Police Officers Jarad Albert, Gilbert Gonzales, and Jerald Watchman were dispatched to Olivia Park, 515 Basilio Dr., because a woman had hit a minor with a baseball bat.

When the officers got to the park, some witnesses pointed out a woman who was standing in front of 2907 Clay Ave. The woman was later identified as Dahnibaah Hudson, 31, from Gallup.

According to his police report, Albert noticed Hudson had a small scratch on the left side of her face, and she also had dried blood on her right arm. Albert also noticed that Hudson’s chest and back were red.

Hudson said that she’d been standing by the swings at the park when she was suddenly attacked by a man and a woman with baseball bats. When Albert asked if she had gotten into an argument with the man and the woman, Hudson said no.

She also wasn’t able to give Albert any sort of description of her alleged attackers.

Albert asked if she could still see her attackers at the park, and Hudson still refused to answer.

Albert was able to speak to Hudson’s children, who said their mom had gotten into a fight with a man in a red shirt.

After speaking with her and her children, Albert ran a background check on Hudson. Metro Dispatch informed him that the woman had an outstanding warrant for child abandonment and battery of a household member. With this new information, Albert handcuffed Hudson and placed her in the back of his patrol car.

While Albert was speaking with Hudson, Gonzales was able to talk to a young male victim who had been hit in the head with a bat.

Witnesses told Gonzales that Hudson had walked over to the park and then allegedly began arguing with the people there. According to the witnesses, Hudson began physically assaulting the victim.

The victim’s grandmother tried to help out her grandson by grabbing a bat from her vehicle and giving it to him to help him defend himself. However, Hudson was able to grab the bat from the victim, and then she allegedly began hitting him in the head.

The victim had a deep cut on his head and was transported to the Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services.

Hudson was charged with aggravated battery and transported to the McKinley County jail. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 22.

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