County attorney makes cheese houses for Christmas


Through the years, our family has adapted traditional Christmas and New Year traditions.  They slowly change with the changes in our family.

One Christmas tradition we have is to make Gingerbread Houses.  That was always fun, but after Christmas we still had ruins that we had to toss out before they got put on an historical preservation list.

One New Year tradition we have is to make Cheese Balls for our celebration … always tasty and quick to disappear.

Several years ago as we were watching a cooking show where the chef showed how to combine the two traditions:  A cheese house complete with decorations.  Wow, what an adaptation.  The first year we made this, we made a big cheese house, and all decorated it together.  As our kids got older, it has become a competition and we make several small cheese houses and compete in decorating them. Now that we are empty nesters, we still make the small cheese houses.

Last year, during the shutdown of COVID-19, we had a cheese house competition on a virtual meeting platform. That turned out quite well for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We now have grandchildren old enough that they can join in the competition.

We form our cheese houses by using a one cup milk carton with the bottom cut out and the top stapled together. We line the inside with plastic wrap and push the cheese ball mixture into the form. When ready, we take the cheese house out of the form and begin to decorate it with other edible items. After the judging, we get out the crackers and enjoy the cheese house.

Our favorite Cheese Ball recipe is as follows:



Blend the ingredients (with nuts if desired – for Cheese Houses, we use the nuts as decorative materials). Shape or form the Cheese House and then wrap.  Refrigerate to firm up the Cheese House.  Decorations are up to you.

We hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas.  We all face challenges, and at this time we, as individuals, families, and a community, have the opportunity to celebrate the Birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ who knows our pain and trials and will help us through all of our challenges bringing Peace to us.  I pray we take this opportunity to Worship God and spread the Peace Jesus Christ gives to us with those also struggling through their challenges.

By Doug Decker
For the Sun