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The New Mexico Minimum Wage increased with the New Year

Most New Mexico businesses will be required to pay a minimum wage of $11.50 per hour in the new year and $2.80 per hour for tipped employees with the start of 2022.

The minimum wage is the lowest daily or monthly wage an employer is legally required to pay workers. It is enforced by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions in cities and counties that do not enforce it themselves, such as Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, and Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties.

The federal minimum wage has reached $7.25 per hour as of July 24, 2009 and $2.13 per hour for tipped employees also as of July 24, 2009.

Effective Jan. 1 2023 the New Mexico minimum wage will increase to $12.00 per hour and $3.00 per hour for tipped employees.

Businesses are required to display the 2022 Minimum Wage Act Summary poster where employees can easily see it.

Additional information about the minimum wage and the 2022 New Mexico Minimum Wage Act Summary in both English and Spanish is available on our website at dws.state.nm.us/Minimum-Wage-Information. For the latest announcements and updates, follow NMDWS on Twitter, Instagram, and our official YouTube channel.

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