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Those Who Serve are Real Heroes

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I have always been grateful to people like Eric Taylor, Sammy Chioda, Greg Kirk, all of the Service Clubs, and many other individuals who serve as unpaid volunteers in the Gallup area. This includes game officials, who are paid very little for a very tough job, and many other groups that we don’t associate with sports or...

Lady Lynx Soccer Showcase

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“It was an amazing time tonight,” said coach Eric Taylor of the Rehoboth Lady Lynx, “simply an amazing opportunity for our girls.”

The Rehoboth Women’s Soccer Program held the first ever Lady Lynx Soccer Showcase at Ford Canyon’s upper field on Oct. 12. Set up in a timed rotation, players were able to work on their touches, agility, and shots while learning the “why” behind the techniques involved in the beautiful game from players of the Rehoboth Women’s Soccer team. One parent commented during the showcase, “just look at the smile on their faces!”

Kathy Polich, director for the Gallup Youth Soccer League said that they are very excited about a Spring...

TDFL Time! Broncos vs Raiders Oct. 14

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Sports This Week Friday, Oct. 16

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Friday, Oct. 16

MHS FB @ Piedra Vista, 7

RCS MS XC @ Gallup MS, TBA

WHS FB @ Zuni, 7

Saturday, Oct. 17

GHS BS vs Rehoboth, Noon

GHS FB JV vs Grants, 1

GHS GS vs Rehoboth, 10

GHS VB vs Taos, 2

GHS XC @ Rio Rancho Jamboree, 8

MHS FB JV/C @ Bloomfield, 11/1

MHS XC @ Rio Rancho Jamboree, 8

RCHS BS @ Gallup, Noon

RCHS GS @ Gallup, 10

RCHS XC @ Rio Rancho Jamboree, 8

WHS XC @ Rio Rancho Jamboree, 8

Tuesday, Oct. 20

GHS BS vs Piedra Vista, 3

GHS GS vs Piedra Vista, 5

GHS VB @ Aztec, 4

MHS BS @ Aztec, 4

MHS GS vs Aztec, 3

WHS VB @ Zuni, 4

Wednesday, Oct. 21

RCHS BS @ E. Mountain, 5

RCHS GS @ E. Mountain, 3

Thursday, Oct. 22

GHS VB @ Piedra Vista, 4

Gallup Mid FB vs...

Theories of Coaching

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An Evolution of Thoughts

Theories, whether scientific or not, are merely ideas and opinions. They are not FACT! A fact is that which can be proven over and over again, even through different circumstances. For instance, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west in a pattern that may only change slightly depending on where you are on the planet. It may not rise directly to the east or set in a straight line to the west because of the changing locations of the rotation of earth, but the general fact remains true, regardless.

A theory is much different; every opinion a human can think about is little more than a theory, and opinions change according to the thoughts, wants...

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