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Schaller's Politically Incorrect Lexicon: A Navigation Guide To The PC Cultures of Mckinley County NM (and planet earth )

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FUEL/ENERGY POVERTY: McKinley County and the Navajo Nation’s greatest environmental health hazard. Fuel poverty is the state of being unable to afford heating one’s home adequately. Almost unknown...

Guide to the stars WEEK OF Nov. 27 – DEC. 3

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Madame G suggests updating your passport. Black Friday is here to drain your last remaining dollars in the bank. Perhaps travel is in your future, as you take a break from the holidays and run away from relatives. It’s not you, they’re truly mad. But, it’s a mad world. Happy trails!


Aries (March 21-April 19)

You’re choking on untapped adventure. You wanted to grab your SO and run off into the sunset, instead of spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws. But, the gods ignored your sacrifices. Barcelona is lovely this time of year. Take a chance. Take a drive. The dog looks bored, you should take her on a walk while dreaming of the Mediterranean.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)



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A Master Developer Agreement for an Entertainment District

In past years I have written about the untapped potential in the heart of Gallup, so with recent interest in the north-tracks district expressed by a Downtown Redevelopment Plan it bears repeating.

In part one I talked about the city’s notion that they can solve the economic woes of downtown Gallup. Aside from enhancing street and pedestrian infrastructure and then asking the property owners how they can make life easier for them by reducing regulations and providing incentives, there’s not much else they can do. More open spaces with additional pedestrian walkway mall areas and expanded parking would certainly enhance the...

Report: Food Tax could harm low income New Mexicans

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Costs outweigh benefits

ALBUQUERQUE—Reinstating a tax on the sale of food for consumption at home could harm the health of New Mexicans who are already food insecure—meaning they don’t always have enough to eat. And while the revenue generated from a tax on food could be used to mitigate some of the damage the tax would do, the report finds that it is unlikely governments would spend the new revenue toward that end.

The child advocacy group New Mexico Voices for Children released their report, “A Health Impact Assessment of a Food Tax in New Mexico,” today in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. The report looks at three possible outcomes of a food tax: that families would...

guide to the stars WEEK OF Nov. 20 – Nov. 26

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Madame G suggests tackling your Thanksgiving preparation early. The Sun enters Sagittarius on Nov. 22 and wanderlust settles into your bones. This is the house of freedom and intellectual pursuits. You may neglect a pie in the oven because you’re pining for adventure while you stare out at the falling snow. Happy cooking!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Dear Aries, you’re feeling bold. You want to take on a few extra commitments this month. Maybe you get a job, adopt a dog, or opt for a new gym membership. Beware of taking on too much at once. Your gym membership could take a back burner to Holiday fun. Don’t sneak a bite of pie just because it’s cooling on the stove. Santa’s...

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