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May the grammar be with you

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I have to admit—I don’t know much about Star Wars. Somehow I missed the window to watch them during my formative years. Although I have glasses, write about grammar and prefer staying inside, my lack of Star Wars appreciation makes others seriously second-guess my nerd street cred.

Here’s what I do know about Star...

Get healthy, stay healthy

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As Gen Xers and Millennials move into planning their post-career lives, there has been a shift in their thinking. Healthcare costs in retirement have now become the top concern of those over 50. However, this awareness of poor health’s impact on retirement has not translated into more people factoring mental and physical health needs into their plans.

Want to stave off cognitive decline? Stay purpose-driven, active, and health-conscious. According to the CDC, nearly 16 million Americans experience some cognitive decline. Cognitive decline runs the gamut from occasional forgetfulness to the inability to learn new skills or perform routine daily activities. New research supported by...

Study shows $1 billion potential bill for oil, gas clean up without BLM rule change

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From a young age, we teach our children the importance of taking responsibility for their actions and cleaning up after themselves when they make a mess. We should expect the same from the oil and gas industry working in New Mexico.

But for far too long, antiquated policies under the current leasing system have left our families on the hook to pay to clean up messes left behind by bankrupt oil and gas companies – messes involving orphaned wells with decaying and leaking infrastructure that can pollute our air and water. This has robbed our communities of tax dollars that could have been put to use improving our children’s classrooms, and our hospitals and roadways.


Shortcut words: lazy or efficient?

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Americans like being the best at things. We’re the best at baseball, jazz, freedom, national parks—pretty much anything Ken Burns has already covered. Yes, living in the Land of Opportunity is glorious. Now, I’d like to award us (and, by us, I mean U.S.) a super-sized gold medal for smashing words together more efficiently than anyone else in the world.

Because Americans value efficiency, we combine multiple words into one super word. One way we do this is through contractions.

Don’t worry—I’m not talking about the kind of contractions that lead to babies. I’m talking about combining two words to make one short word. These words include don’t (do not), we’ve (we...

Building a beautiful retirement

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The power of diversified portfolios with annuities

Regarding your retirement, few things are more exciting than picturing all the relaxing beach vacations, meaningful family time, and newfound hobbies you might enjoy. But here’s the catch: to make these dreams a reality, you’ve got to have the financial stability to back them up. Enter the world of diversified retirement portfolios.

First, let’s decode the term “diversified retirement portfolio.” Imagine a jigsaw puzzle. It has many pieces that contribute to the complete picture. Similarly, a diversified retirement portfolio combines different investment vehicles that provide income for your golden years.

Why is it so...

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