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Relieving stress in retirement

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Retirement can be a time of great joy and relaxation, but it can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Transitioning from working life to retirement can be challenging, and the loss of routine, identity, and social connections can be difficult to navigate. Moreover, retirement can bring new financial and health-related...

A personal view of U. S. foreign policy

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History from WWI to 9/11


America is a world leader and has much to be proud of.  Our leadership in creating a liberal world order after WWII is outstanding. Henry Kissinger’s book Diplomacy details almost endless wars in Europe. Something like 28 nations speaking 24 languages allowed for constant bickering and war.

America wanted to be isolationist, to mind our own business. William Drozdiak explains in his book Fractured Continent, we were drawn into both the First and Second World Wars. And for two decades after WWI, we stayed isolated while Communism, Nazism, Fascism and Japanese militarism gained strength.

At the end of WWII, statesmen in the U.S. and...

A rose of purple prose arose

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When you think about the color purple, what comes to mind? Probably the movie The Color Purple. That makes sense.

Beyond that, you might think of Prince’s Purple Rain or maybe even Sheb Wooley’s 1958 hit The Purple People Eater. Not to be discounted, Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze probably outranks Wooley’s song on my popular purple song chart.

What do you get when you come to the intersection of “purple things” and grammar? You get “purple prose,” a style of overly ornate, elaborate language most often reserved for descriptions of intimate interactions in paperback romance novels and teenage love poems.

I’m sure you’re just dying for an example at this point, and I...

A personal view of U. S. foreign policy

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The U.S.’s allergic reaction TO COMMUNISM


We now know that the Domino Theory was a flawed concept. So, our justification for replacing the French in opposing Vietnamese independence was simply wrong. And I should point out that several years ago the Wall Street Journal reported that Vietnam is our largest trading partner for textiles after China. Our trading partner – and just as communist as ever.

But our allergy to communism persists. As former Senator J. William Fulbright pointed out so eloquently in his 1966 book, The Arrogance of Power,

“The American view of revolution is thus shaped by a simple but so far insuperable dilemma: we are simultaneously...

RMCH data breach lawsuit nears settlement

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A settlement in a class action lawsuit against Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services over a 2021 data breach is headed for approval in May.

Luckily, hospital board chairman Bill Lee said insurance should cover most of the settlement costs, including individual payments of up to $4,000 each.

The lawsuit stems from a data breach in February 2021, when hackers penetrated RMCH’s computer system and stole over 191,000 people’s private data. That included such sensitive items as Social Security, driver’s license and tribal identification numbers, and medical, employment and financial information.

RMCHCS notified affected patients with a letter May 19, 2021. Those people are...

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