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Public Safety

Citizens: Be On the Look Out

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Gallup Police Department are desperately trying to catch the hoodlums who are shooting up cars with pellet guns during the night.

Capt. Rick White said that he believes about 30 vehicle windows and five house windows were shot out over the weekend [June 26] with pellet guns or BB guns and police are asking for the...


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Jesse Begay, 52, Tohatchi, NM

Begay was arrested June 15 after being called into Metro Dispatch as a possible intoxicated driver. According to the report, filed by Gallup Police Department Officer Chanelle Preston, while she was at Wal-Mart looking for the vehicle, Lt. Edwin Yazzie spotted the vehicle getting onto I-40 going westbound from Munoz Overpass. Yazzie got the vehicle stopped at Love’s truck stop. Begay displayed several signs of intoxication and failed several field sobriety tests. His blood was drawn for a blood alcohol test to be performed. He was booked for DWI, failure to stop/yield at an intersection, registration, insurance and for his driver’s license...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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North side District

Jonathan Deschine, 26, of Saint Michael’s, Ariz. was on his way to Farmington, NM when he pulled over on Highway 608 to check his tire pressure. A pickup truck pulled up behind him and a Caucasian male got out of the vehicle, pointed a black pistol at him and took off with his Silver 2015 Subaru with an Ariz plate of BKK8972. As of June 30 the vehicle was still reported as stolen. Anyone with information is asked to call the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office at (505) 863-1410 or 911.

East side District

Matthew Morrison, 57, of Moorpark, CA (not the famous Glee actor) was driving on Interstate 40 when the wind blew a construction sign into the side of his...

Crime Trend Watch: Breaking and Entering, burglaries

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Three men were arrested this week, one for burglary, one for aggravated burglary and another for breaking and entering. Two of the three also left blood trails at the scenes of the crimes, which after lab results, will help to solidify them as suspects of the alleged crimes.

A determined, but unwanted bedfellow

Arguably, one of the most terrifying things to happen to someone is for them to come home and find their sanctuary broken into. This happened to one woman in Indian Hills June 18.

Gallup Police Department Officer Chris Molina wrote in his report that a broken bedroom window alerted the homeowner that someone had been in the residence, and blood found in the kitchen and at...

Inmate scales jail fence, caught hours later

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A criminal with a long rap sheet and considered extremely dangerous by police was free to roam the streets of Gallup for more than five hours after he scaled the fence at the McKinley County Adult Detention Center June 24 .

The escape call came into Metro Dispatch at 1:17 pm. After five hours of hustle and searching, Ryan Westman, 23, was apprehended with Angel Kuilan, 33, of Gallup and without incident a little before 6:30 pm at a traffic stop by Subway east.

Westman is no stranger to the law, according to New Mexico Courts website. He has a long list of court appearances and charges ranging from traffic violations and resisting arrest to the most recent aggravated burglary and...

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