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Celebrity Extra

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Q: When is Yellowstone coming back for its final season? I don’t watch any of the spin-offs. I’m just waiting for the original show to return. — A.W.

A: The wait is almost over for the second half of the final season of Yellowstone, which last graced our screens in January 2023. The delay can mostly be attributed to...

McKinley County launches new brand

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‘Working together to be a place where

you Find Your Joy’

In today’s brand-driving world, it’s imperative that a community has a clearly defined and well-recognized brand just like Nike, Google, and Apple. People seek out what they know. When an individual is looking for a place to live, work, play or stay, the more he or she understands the benefits and experiences a community provides, the more likely they are to seek out that destination.

To ensure there is a clear understanding of what McKinley County offers, McKinley County administration has developed a bold, new community brand. Following extensive research and soliciting a wide range of input from residents...

Paying respect to fallen soldiers

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Moments in Time

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On June 10, 1692, Bridget Bishop became the first person executed for witchcraft during the notorious Salem witch trials, after a trial lasting eight days. She had already been accused and declared innocent a decade prior to the hysteria.

On June 11, 1509, England’s King Henry VIII married the first of his ill-fated wives, Catherine of Aragon. When she failed to produce a male heir, he divorced her against the will of the Roman Catholic Church, triggering the country’s Protestant Reformation. Catherine spent her last years in isolation and continued to consider herself England’s rightful queen until her death.

On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen forced his way into Pulse, one of...

Savoring Summer

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Grilled fruit delights for Memorial Day weekend

As we celebrate the start of summer this Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, let’s also take this time to honor the memory of those who have sacrificed for our freedom and served our nation with courage and dedication.

Let’s dust off our grills and fire up the charcoal and shake things up with a twist on the traditional barbecue fare. While we often associate the grill with savory meats and veggies, why not indulge in the sweet side of grilling with desserts featuring grilled fruits?

Why grilled desserts, you ask? Besides the fun factor, there’s something delightful about caramelizing fresh fruit on the grill. It...

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