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What is assisted living?

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Assisted living is a type of housing option for seniors or disabled individuals who need help with daily activities but still want to maintain some level of independence. It’s a middle ground between independent living (such as in a private home or senior apartments) and more intensive care services like those found in a...

Past presidents teach us to be wary of words

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Have you ever heard of a politician who is short on words? A terse politician is about as common as a dancing potato, and as unelectable as a vampire who wants to raise taxes.

Surely presidents of the past have something to say about words, right? As surely as more politicians are announcing their presidential candidacies (with lots of words), voices of the past are echoing through the hallowed halls of government.

For the sake of staying apolitical, I won’t include any presidential quotes from the past fifty years; rather, I’m going to shed light on some of the words about words that have staying power.

In an 1819 letter, John Adams wrote, “Abuse of words has been the great...

How does an insurance company invest your premiums?

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Insurance companies play a crucial role in our society, providing individuals and businesses with financial protection against unexpected losses. To do this, insurance companies collect premiums from policyholders. But what happens to your premium once it is paid to the insurance company?

Insurance companies don’t just store your premiums in a giant safe until they’re needed to pay claims. Instead, they put these funds to work by investing them. This practice is vital to insurance companies for several reasons.

Let’s break it down. When you pay a premium for an insurance policy, the insurance company pools your premium together with those paid by other policyholders. The pooling...

Turn your heavy baggage into litotes

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It’s someone’s job to name new medications. Drug Company A approaches Marketing Company B and says, “Hey, we’ve got this new drug. It makes people happy in the short run, but they’ll still have to deal with all their baggage in the long run. And, boy, does it have a ton of side effects!”

Marketing Company B comes back with “Litotes: the medicine that makes your baggage feel lighter. May cause ironic understatements that convey affirmations by negating their opposites. Use as directed.”

Do I wish people paid me to come up with new medication names? Yes, I do. Did I just introduce today’s English language topic through a funny hypothetical situation? Also yes.


The floral moral of the story

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As spring turns to summer, I love taking leisurely laps around my house to see what’s in bloom. Nearly every day, I find a new flower opening its doors for business to bees and butterflies.

Whether it’s the brilliant orange monarch butterfly larval host plant butterfly weed or the hummingbird magnet, rich ruby red royal catchfly, I can’t help but find my mouth agape at nature’s color wheel revealing itself day by day. I’m currently in awe of the pulchritudinous purple blooms of my current favorite native plant, wild lupine; they provide nectar and vital nutrients for bees, insects and hummingbirds alike.

Sorry to get so gushy about flowers, but native perennials are kind of...

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