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Embracing unembraceable idea nouns

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In elementary school, we learn that a noun is a “person, place or thing.” Rabbit. Cereal. Toilet. Especially toilet. Words like “toilet” make Mad Libs a hit with my kids when we take road trips.

However, at some point down the line, we learn that an “idea” is also a noun. I don’t know which governing...

Confused about this word? Get in line

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Of all the Scrabble letters, Q and Z hold the most value, at 10 points apiece. In 1982, Karl Khoshnaw — the Michael Jordan of Scrabble — used both letters to spell the word “caziques.” Caziques (plural form of a type of oriole) earned Khoshnaw 392 points, which still is the world’s top-scoring single Scrabble move ever.

You don’t see many Q words out there, but one has always intrigued me: queue. I’ve seen the following phrase online in many language humor forums, which probably means Mark Twain said it: “‘Queue’ is just the letter ‘Q’ and four silent vowels waiting in line.”

Queue can’t be a word. It looks ridiculous and feels even more strange to type...

He won the Nobel Prize, how about quantum annuities?

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Albert Einstein was ahead of his time. He revolutionized physics thinking, and his theory beginning with the breakout year of 1905, is still the basics of quantum physics today, over 100 years later. When Einstein is remembered for his work, it is almost always E = mc², the theory of relativity. However, I think a more interesting part of Einstein’s life was his view on compound interest.

Albert Einstein called compound interest “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.”

The Power of Tax Deferral

Compound interest allows an account to grow by earning interest on the original investment and any accumulated interest. Here is a generally accepted definition of...

Guess what is coming to a bank near you

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What appears foreign will become commonplace, and you might as well prepare for it. Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance are all the rage right now, and you’ve probably heard of things like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, the real story lies in the mechanism that drives these new technologies and forever changes the digital landscape. This is where blockchain enters the picture, the novel technology that enables things like cryptocurrency to exist in the way they do.

What is a blockchain, and what is with all the hype?

Blockchain is a digital database used to catalog all kinds of information (e.g., money, goods, properties, and services). The power behind these databases lies...

A fresh look at whole life insurance

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Whole life has a simple objective, to ensure your “whole” life, in other words, it will pay the benefits anytime during your whole life, regardless of how long you live. All you need to do is pay the premium.

Life insurance is a contract between an insured person (the policyholder) and the insurer. The premium pays for guaranteed benefits in case of death, but there are other features that can provide additional protection as well.

In exchange for fixed premiums, whole-life policies offer life insurance protection and tax deferral on growth by accumulating cash value with competitive interest rates.

In exchange for fixed premiums, an insurance company promises to pay a set...

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