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Community voices concerns

The fourth in a series of community meetings regarding a new recycling initiative in Gallup was held at Jefferson Elementary April 29.  Thomas D. Parker, PE, BCEE with CDM Smith presented options for a single stream curb side collection system that would reduce the amount of waste taken to the...

Ancient remains found. Digging off limits

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Land owners of private property just to the west of Gallup have become accustomed to finding artifacts on their land, especially after a nice rainfall. This recent find was a little more than they had bargained for when they discovered the skull of a child on a hill on their property.

The homeowner requested that we not release their identity or their address in hopes that the remains will be left undisturbed and respected.

“We’ve lived out here for quite some time and seen all kinds of artifacts,” the owner said. “Often times when we have a rain, we see new items.”

The owner said his wife discovered the skull.

“Hundreds of years had finally swept off the dirt that this...

Goals for his new term: Mayor McKinney touches on some plans

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Mayor Jackie McKinney is as polite as mayors come. He’s appears the dapper southwestern cowboy with long silver hair and determined eyes, often donning a southwest bolo tie, pressed shirt, denim jeans and boots. Although soft spoken, he doesn’t mince words when it comes down to speaking his mind, especially when the topic is his beloved city of Gallup.

Love him or hate him, he’s here to stay for the next four years. Still reeling from a heated campaign against the formidable George Galanis and being reminded of a 47 year old marijuana felony conviction that was pardoned by Gov. Bill Richardson – McKinney perseveres. His life experiences only add to his coolness factor. And...

Landavazo reflects on past, points to current issues

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Husband, father and grandfather first, now City Councilor, Allan Landavazo took time to raise his family before he decided to run for city office. Landavazo has deep ties to Gallup. He was born and raised here, graduating from Gallup High School. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has been the general manager of Castle Furniture for 15 years.

Landavazo volunteered as a soccer coach and when his children attended Rehoboth Christian School, and he helped with fundraising for choir trips and other school needs.

“I was involved with every aspect of their school life.”

Once his children left home, and after long consideration, he decided to run for office. He...

Working to make Gallup a ‘beautiful’ place

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Newly inaugurated Gallup City Councilor Fran Palochak (District 4) is on a mission to change her beloved hometown’s image.

And Palochak knows from her 25 years of experience as the 11th Judicial District’s court clerk and deputy court executive officer that it’ll take everyone that lives in and around Gallup.

“It’s easy to be critical when you don’t know what’s really going on,” she said. “We all, not just elected officials, have to work together to make Gallup a beautiful place.”

Palochak recalled a conversation she had with an individual who was attending a workshop in Gallup.

This individual decided to drive home to Los Lunas and return the next day instead of...

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