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Public Safety

Inmate scales jail fence, caught hours later

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A criminal with a long rap sheet and considered extremely dangerous by police was free to roam the streets of Gallup for more than five hours after he scaled the fence at the McKinley County Adult Detention Center June 24 .

The escape call came into Metro Dispatch at 1:17 pm. After five hours of hustle and searching, Ryan...


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Roman Benally, 38, Yahtahey, NM

Benally was arrested June 20 for his third DWI. He was called in by the manager at the Navajo Travel Plaza on West Highway 66 for his actions,which made him appear intoxicated.

Benally then went to his vehicle, which was parked at the gas pumps despite not purchasing gas. He was found “passed out” behind the vehicle while the vehicle was running.

According to Gallup Police Department Officer Luke Martin, there was open containers of beer inside the vehicle. Benally’s breath test results were .23,.22 qualifying him for aggravated driving while intoxicated.

Deanna Dooley, 26, Ramah, NM

Dooley was arrested for aggravated DWI, her second...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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Unknown suspects took several appliances from an abandoned residence on Alpha Street. The theft occurred sometime between April 1, 2014 and June 20. Anyone with information should contact the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office at (505) 863-1410.


On June 22, the cashier at T&R Market was battered, according to a report filed by MCSO Deputy Arthur Rahimi. The unknown female came into the business and yelled at the clerk saying that she had accused another female of stealing a purse earlier in the day. The clerk, Regina Nez, told deputies that a purse had been lost earlier in the store, but that she never accused anyone of stealing it. The female grabbed Nez’s...

Woman abandons daughter by being too intoxicated

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Gallup Police Department officers were dispatched to the 300 block of West Princeton June 21 to check on a blue van which had a flat tire. The license plate of the vehicle belonged revealed that it belonged to Lisamarie Manygoats, 36, of Brimhall, NM. Metro Dispatch had given out an attempt to locate on Manygoats earlier in the day in reference to her being under the influence of drugs or alcohol with her 9-year-old daughter in tow, according to the report filed by Officer Valerie Wilson.

Wilson found the van around 1 pm abandoned in front of a residence on Princeton.

“The van was parked about two and [a] half feet from the curb,” Wilson said in her report.

The right front tire...

A beating at the gas pumps

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Jonathan Yazzie, 24, of Gallup probably didn’t expect the violent reaction to his alleged actions that resulted in his beating June 14 at Allsups on Arnold Street.

According to the police report, filed by Gallup Police Department Lt. Edwin Yazzie, it was a female’s screams which brought him to the gas station at 1:12 am that Sunday morning. GPD officers were already in the area handling another call.

“Upon my arrival, I saw several individuals running in all directions away from the parking lot by the gas pumps,” Lt. Yazzie said in his report.

That’s when Lt. Yazzie saw Jonathan, aka John Charley, who was displaying signs of intoxication and was bleeding from a...

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