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Making meetings available to the public

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Dear Senate Committees’ Committee,

We, at the Founda­tion for Open Government are dedicated to ensuring every New Mexican can observe and participate in state government. It has come to our attention that the Senate Committees’ Committee proceedings are not being webcast. While members of the public wishing to attend...

Recent RMCHCS Board meeting closed to public

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I continue to be concerned about the lack of transparency of the RMCHCS administration and board.

I submitted questions to the board 6 days prior to the December 15, 2021 board meeting as required by the Board. These questions were not addressed at the Board meeting; I was told a response would be posted on the Community Question and Answer section of the RMCH website. For more than a month there has been a notice on the website stating "The responses to community questions will be posted as soon as our limited staff can."  I am sympathetic to the staffing situation, but I am also frustrated that my questions have not been addressed.

A notice for this month's board meeting, scheduled...

Rep. Teresa Leger Fernández answers a few Gallup Sun questions to kick off 2022

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Toward the end of 2021, the Sun sent out a few questions about plans for the new year. One of those who responded was Rep. Teresa Leger Fernández, D- N.M.

On the topic of infrastructure, Rep. Leger Fernández said she wanted the Superman Bridge fixed so school buses can pick up students.

“I voted for the Infrastructure and Jobs bill, because it will repair and rebuild 207 bridges and over 3,822 miles of highway in poor condition,” she said. “The $2.5 billion for federal-aid highway apportioned programs, $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs, and $40.5 million for the electric vehicle charging is a great Christmas present for our road-weary travelers.”

She also...

Celebration of a positive future for New Mexico

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As 2021 comes to an end, I want to take a moment to celebrate something very positive and encouraging. At the end of December, the New Mexico state legislature passed a bill to make historic investments in our environment and public lands. Now, more than $40 million is on its way to pay for important land and water conservation projects to upgrade our state parks, support water conservation, get our youth outside, and clean up orphaned oil and gas wells.

Many elected officials deserve credit for prioritizing this funding, but I especially want to thank Rep. Patty Lundstrom, [D-Gallup] who represents our area. Without her leadership as chairwoman of the House Appropriations & Finance...

Daly’s look at, suggestions for 2021-22

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McKinley County has received millions of dollars and is using it for building and upgrading facilities. It is also being used to hire more teachers. We now have our full complement of teachers. The Gallup McKinley County Schools District is initiating a program to include parents in the educational process.

Historically, we have been ranked at the bottom for educational success. Now, we can watch our school district and expect substantial improvements in developing our most important asset, local human capital. If we invest in ourselves, we can’t lose.


In spite of the fact that New Mexico has had an 87 percent increase in deaths in the seven days...

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