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Weekly Crime Blotter

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9/10, GALLUP

At 11:47 am, Gallup Police Department Officer Nicola Martinez and a fellow officer were dispatched to the Allsup’s at 1801 S. Second St., where a victim said Anthony Palacios, 40, tried to run him over and brandished a firearm.

At Allsup’s, Martinez reportedly met with the victim, who said he went there to buy some drinks, when he noticed a maroon SUV. He knew the driver, Palacios, he said, from past conflicts. Palacios held a firearm and shouted at the victim, who worried Palacios would shoot toward his wife and kids. He walked toward Palacios, who was still in the vehicle.

“[The victim] stated he told Palacios to get out and fight him,” Martinez wrote in her report. “He stated that he knows Palacios is a meth head.”

The vehicle backed up and came toward him, according to the victim, who then hit the hood of Palacios’s car with his fists. Palacios left the scene, eastbound on Nizhoni Avenue.

Witnesses at the Allsup’s said it appeared the driver of the suspect vehicle yelled at the victim who appeared to be minding his own business. The vehicle also looked as if it might run into the victim.

An officer located the suspect vehicle off Verdi Street and Aztec Avenue. Palacios threw a pipe out of the window before the stop; it turned out to be meth paraphernalia.

He was charged with aggravated assault and tampering with evidence.



At 1:20 pm, McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy James Maiorano was on patrol monitoring traffic, when he noticed a white jeep traveling east on Hwy. 264 about a half-mile from the Arizona border. The driver was not wearing a seat belt.

Maiorano pulled the car over in the parking lot of Blake’s Lotaburger at 1581 Hwy. 264. The driver looked nervous, and a small child was in a child seat in the front of the car. The driver was shaking. A glass pipe was on the floor behind the front seat, and the car smelled of marijuana.

Cameron Carroll, 26, handed Maiorano a baggie containing less than an ounce of marijuana when asked for it. Carroll had two warrants out for his arrest on outstanding traffic charges. He was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and two bench warrants.



At 1:03 am, Gallup Police Department Officer Charles Steel and Officer Timothy Hughte were dispatched to the Red Lion at 3309 W. Hwy. 66 regarding a drunk and disorderly male in room 245.

At the scene, Hughte learned that the male possibly had a weapon on him or in the room. According to a front desk clerk, a man had come to the desk to call police about a disorderly man. He then returned to say the man had a gun. The caller was the suspect’s roommate.

Officers made contact with the roommate in room 245, and Joshua K. Ahloo, 35, was standing at the entrance with a gun. He was ordered to put the gun down and back up. Officers found a pocketknife on him during a patdown.

A small child was laying on one of the two beds. Ahloo told Hughte that he grabbed his gun when he noticed the door was open. He was attempting to protect himself and his child.

“He and his fellow coaches just had a meeting and then all left to their rooms,” Hughte wrote. “He admit[ted] that they were consuming alcohol this evening. I asked if there is anything that I should know that happened in the room and he said nothing.”

According to the roommate, he and Ahloo went back to the room where they were staying, after alcohol had been consumed, and during a conversation about multiple topics, Ahloo became angry, got his gun, and kept it on his person.

“He would hold the gun and pace the room,” Hughte’s report states, and he’d put it down and pick it back up again.

The roommate was worried about Ahloo’s mental state and eventually got ahold of the gun, put it in a bag, and went to call the police. The child remained asleep throughout the episode, according to the roommate.

Hughte noticed that Ahloo was very drunk; he dozed off when he was not interacted with. He had a warrant out for his arrest with a $4,000 cash-only bond. When asked if he had any medical conditions, Ahloo said he had post-traumatic stress disorder. He was booked on charges of child endangerment and his active warrant. The handgun had 14 rounds loaded in the magazine.

Ahloo was an Albuquerque Young American Football League coach at the time of his arrest; he’s since been suspended and is currently booked in the Bernalillo County Jail.



At about 6:30 am, GPD Officer Andrew Thayer was dispatched to 1710 Elm Circle, apartment B29, in reference to an assault.

At the scene, Thayer made contact with the victim who was crying and distraught. She said Misiah Jones, aka Isaiah H. Begay (which is the name used in the report), 20, tried to hit her and then left. While Thayer was interviewing her, she pointed out Jones, who was walking back toward the apartment. When Thayer called to him, he ran away, westbound. Jones jumped a fence and was caught.

A glass pipe containing marijuana residue was found in his pocket. He had a warrant out for his arrest.

The victim said Jones had been drinking and came to the apartment. He was loud and insulted her, “then attempted to hit her with closed fists, but did not physically strike her,” according to the report.

Jones was arrested and charged with assault; resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer; and drug paraphernalia.



At 12:37 pm, GPD Officer Joe Roanhorse was dispatched to Teriyaki House at 1400 S. Second St. in reference to a robbery. Dispatch said two males were last seen heading north from the business.

Roanhorse met with an employee who said she was in the back of the business when another employee asked her whether the register was open. She thought the employee was kidding, but she went to the counter. An undisclosed amount of money was missing, and the register had been closed when the money was taken.

A customer sitting outside the business told the employee that a man who “looked like he stole something” had run out of the business. A second male was with him.

An officer in the area noticed two men, Elbert Begaye, 24, and Allen Lee, 31 — who fit the witness’s descriptions — at Second Street and Mesa Avenue. That officer said the men’s pockets looked stuffed. When he patted them down, their pockets were full of various dollar bills.

The men were brought to Teriyaki House, identified, and arrested for burglary.



At 5 pm, MCSO Deputy Gabrielle Puhuyesva was dispatched to 108 Summit Ave. in reference to a burglary that had happened about a half-hour prior.

At the scene, Puhuyesva met with the calling party, who showed the officer around his home and said jewelry, belt buckles, a flat-screen TV, and a guitar had been stolen. A padlock was missing from an outside door.

The victim had been away from his home for about two hours, and a neighbor told him she saw a suspect vehicle with occupants inside in front of the victim’s home. One man had exited the vehicle, a white pickup. The neighbor did not notice anyone enter the home.

There were no signs of forced entry.