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‘We are celebrating, not protesting anything’

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While America took a day off to celebrate the so-called founding day of Christopher Columbus, Mervyn Tilden, an local activist, took part in coordinating the “Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2015” event held at the Gallup’s Cultural Center on Oct.12.

Approximately 20 supporters joined him as they spoke historically about the significance of the day.

“There should be called a federal holiday called, ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ and that’s why we went out and we showed the world that we have a voice still and we will not celebrate or honor anyone that has processed genocide, allowed the killing of our people, the plunder of our resources.,” he said. “We are here to say, we are celebrating. We are not protesting anything.”

Eacj year, Tilden and his supporters organize this unique event that will hopefully shed some light and education to those that are willing to listen.

“There is an international movement going on to abolish the holiday that America celebrates.  The movement is to make Oct. 12, the ‘International Indigenous Peoples’ Day,’” he said. “The whole world-wide movement is at the United Nations level. If we abolish this atrocity, we call a holiday, we can celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day every year.”