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Weekly DWI Report

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Featured DWI

Kyle Mariano

Nov. 1, 10:32 pm

Aggravated DWI (Third)

A Thoreau man, Kyle Mariano, 28, allegedly drove recklessly near the New Mexico State Police station at 4200 E. Hwy. 66 and was eventually arrested for his third DWI.

The first calling party informed Metro Dispatch they saw the suspect vehicle, a gray Buick Electra, driving westbound on Highway 66 near Fire Rock Casino and swerving across the roadway. A second caller told Dispatch they saw the suspect vehicle continuing to swerve as it passed the state police station.

Gallup Officer Aaron Marquez responded to the attempt-to-locate and drove eastbound on Highway 66. He located the suspect vehicle and turned to follow it. The report stated the vehicle was traveling 25 mph in a 45-mph zone and swerved onto the median and then back into the roadway, disrupting traffic behind it.

Marquez followed the vehicle as it turned south onto Patton Drive and then hit the curb near Blake’s Lotaburger, 2666 E. Hwy. 66, and pulled into the parking lot. The driver, Mariano, stopped the vehicle and showed the keys to Marquez as he approached.

Mariano reportedly told Marquez he was coming from Mariano Lake to the restaurant, where he worked, even though it was closed. Marquez saw Mariano show signs of intoxication, including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and a strong smell of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. Mariano also stumbled as he exited the vehicle.

He told Marquez he last consumed two pints of Importers Vodka the previous night before agreeing to take the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. However, in addition to performing poorly on the tests, he allegedly seemed confused about the tests and also thought it was morning when he was questioned.

Mariano was placed under arrest based on his performance. Metro Dispatch advised Marquez of his two prior convictions before he transported Mariano to Gallup Police Department for the breath test, where he posted two samples of .31. He was then taken to McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked for aggravated DWI (third), roadway laned for traffic, and minimum speed regulation. His motion hearing is set for March 2.

Name: Tasha Spencer

Age: 29

Arrested: Nov. 1

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Jan. 31

Name: Cody Garcia

Age: 25

Arrested: Nov. 3

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Jan. 31

Name: Dustin Nalwood

Age: 33

Arrested: Aug. 15

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Final pre-trial hearing on Jan. 24

Name: Pete John

Age: 27

Arrested: July 23

Charge: DWI

Status: Jury trial on Dec. 2

Name: Jennifer Thornburg

Age: 40

Arrested: July 23

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Final pre-trial hearing on Jan. 24

Name: Colin Gibson

Age: 30

Arrested: July 15

Charge: DWI

Status: Jury trial on Jan. 13

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