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Weekly DWI Report

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Featured DWI

Fala Spencer

Oct. 20, 2:38 am

DWI (Third)

After being pulled over and not cooperating with Gallup Police, Fala Spencer, 21, of Church Rock, was arrested and charged with her third DWI.

Officer Aaron Marquez responded to a request for assistance by Lt. Francis Collins at Miyamura High School, 680 Boardman Dr., during a traffic stop for speeding. Marquez arrived at the scene and saw Collins talking to two passengers near a white GM pickup truck, where the driver was identified as Spencer.

Collins advised Marquez that Spencer would not respond to his commands or questions. She reportedly was on her phone and would not cooperate with the officers. The report stated she avoided eye contact with Marquez as she said she was traveling to a local hospital to tend to her brother. Marquez observed Spencer show signs of intoxication including bloodshot eyes and smelling of alcohol.

Spencer agreed to take the Standard Field Sobriety Tests, during which she stated she reportedly consumed an unspecified number of shots of vodka about six hours prior to being stopped. Spencer had difficulty following the directions, so Marquez offered the alternative testing. But she also performed poorly on the alternative tests and was placed under arrest for DWI.

A search of Spencer’s vehicle reportedly resulted in finding an open container of Kings Bay Tropical Island Style Gold Rum. Marquez was advised by Metro Dispatch that Spencer had an active warrant out of the Magistrate Court for DWI as well as two priors.

Spencer eventually agreed to the breath test, where she posted samples of .15 and .13. She was transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked for DWI (third), no passing zones, no driver’s license, and an open container. Her motion hearing is set for Feb. 9.

Name: Alyssa Yazzie

Age: 26

Arrested: Oct. 12

Charge: Aggravated DWI (Second)

Status: Pre-trial hearing on Jan. 11

Name: Kristy Fernando

Age: 43

Arrested: Sept. 2

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Final pre-trial hearing on Jan. 10

Name: Nadine Thomas

Age: 43

Arrested: Aug. 28

Charge: DWI (Second)

Status: Status hearing on Jan. 3

Name: Valerie King

Age: 52

Arrested: Aug. 28

Charge: DWI

Status: Final pre-trial hearing on Jan. 10

Name: Damis Naswood

Age: 18

Arrested: Aug. 25

Charge: DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Dec. 22

Name: Dustin Nalwood

Age: 33

Arrested: Aug. 15

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Final pre-trial hearing on Dec. 13