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Blu-ray/DVD Roundup for Nov. 25, 2022

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Welcome to another look at highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. With Thanksgiving arriving, this edition isn’t quite overly packed, but it does include a couple of high-profile titles and some interesting independent fare. So, if you can’t make it out to the movies this week or need to stay indoors, be sure to give one of these titles a try!


BROS: A 40-year-old gay man who has never been in love meets a man and begins to want to take his romantic life seriously. However, the protagonist is insecure and doesn’t want to get his hopes up, leading to plenty of humor and complications as they attempt to begin a relationship. Promo materials describe the film as the first romantic comedy from a major studio about two gay men.

Critics were very amused by the picture. A small contingent did complain that the film felt self-congratulatory and didn’t make them laugh as much as they hoped for. Regardless, the vast majority said that while it wasn’t perfect, there were some big laughs and a few unique twists on rom-com tropes. The movie stars Billy Eichner, Luke MacFarlane, Guy Branum, Miss Lawrence, Ts Madison, Jim Rash, Monica Raymund and Debra Messing.

PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT: Are any readers big fans of the Stephen King book It and the original 1990 television mini-series adaptation of the novel? If so, then this is the documentary for you. It provides an exhaustive look at the making-of the hit program and includes interviews with many members of the cast and crew. They all share their memories of working on the project and how it all came together.

So far, every horror movie critic has raved about this doc. All of them called it essential viewing and wrote that they discovered new information about the mini-series and its difficult production. They also appreciated its examination of the impact that it had on many viewers.

Interview subjects include director Tommy Lee Wallace, stars Tim Curry, Richard Thomas, Seth Green, Emily Perkins and many more.



If you’re looking for something a little older, there is plenty available for purchase as well. Big World Pictures is putting out a Blu-ray of the Turkish drama Distant (2002). It’s about a country boy who moves to the big city to stay with his older cousin (a photographer obsessed with cleanliness). This disc comes with a making-of, as well as Cannes coverage of the movie and a video essay on the title.


Universal is focusing on upgrading animated catalog films this week. Puss in Boots (2011) is being given a 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray release. The same is true for the popular family sequel, Shrek 2 (2004).


By Glenn Kay
For the Sun