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Tuesday, Dec 06th

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At the Aug. 31 Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services’ Board of Trustees meeting, CEO Robert Whitaker reported that the hospital had lost about $2.2 million during June and July. He said that the hospital made just over $6 million in net revenue in June while it spent over $7.5 million, which means it lost almost $1.5 million that month.

RMCH made over $6.3 million in July, while spending just over $7 million, resulting in a loss of $745,000.

Despite these numbers, in an Aug. 15 interview with the Sun, Whitaker said that the hospital had made “considerate improvement[s]” though. He noted that revenue is up by about $1 million compared to the previous year. However, he also mentioned that expenses have increased by about $1 million.

Whitaker said the hospital is working to require that Medicaid and Medicare pay more for services rendered to patients.

“We have a couple programs with what we call ‘payers,’ so Medicaid and Medicare, that we’re working on with the state that will improve our payments from different payer sources,” Whitaker said. “So that would significantly help us as well.”

Whitaker said increasing what Medicare and Medicaid pays the hospital would hopefully mean more income for the hospital.