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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, Aug. 29

A woman told a police officer that she was trying to detox from fentanyl when he found a blue pill in her pocket.

On Aug. 29, around 6 pm, Gallup Police Officer Daniel Brown was dispatched to the Historic El Rancho Hotel at 1000 E. Hwy. 66 when reports came into Metro Dispatch about a dispute at the hotel.

When he arrived at the scene, Brown met with a man and a woman outside of the hotel. The woman, who was sitting on the rear bumper of a pick up truck, was identified as Stephanie Peterson. Peterson, 23, told Brown that she was trying to get away from her parents because they had been “watching her closely.”

Peterson explained that she was currently detoxing from fentanyl.

According to his report, Brown asked her if she had any intention of hurting herself, and Peterson said she didn’t.

Metro Dispatch was able to inform Brown that Peterson had a warrant out for her arrest, so she was placed under arrest for the warrant.

When Brown asked her if she had any fentanyl on her, Peterson said she believed she had one pill in her right pocket. Brown pulled a blue pill that he identified as fentanyl out of her pocket. Peterson was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Her preliminary hearing was scheduled for Sept. 7.


Gallup, Aug. 20

On Aug. 20, around 4 am, Gallup Police Officer Matthew Strandy was dispatched to Allsups West, 2857 W. Hwy. 66, when one of the store’s employees called Metro Dispatch and said a red car had been parked at pump 1 for two hours.

When Strandy arrived at the scene, he met with another officer who was talking to the woman in the red car, who was identified as Sabrina Dickinson.

When Strandy approached the car he noticed a can of pepper spray sitting in the middle console. He also noticed pieces of tinfoil, a butane torch, a long piece of steel, and a red tube. According to his report, when Strandy got his flashlight out he noticed that the red tube had burn marks on it.

According to Strandy’s report, all these items signaled to him the use of narcotics.

When he asked her about the items, Dickinson told Strandy that a woman had been smoking fentanyl inside her car earlier. Strandy asked Dickinson to step out of the car, and told her he had probable cause to search her vehicle because of the items he could see.

That’s when Dickinson admitted to using fentanyl just a few hours before. While Strandy was searching the car, he found 40 pieces of tinfoil with burn marks. He also found some tinfoil on the driver’s side of the car in the door handle cubby, and he found a crystal-like substance in the tinfoil.

According to his report, Strandy believed the crystal-like substance was meth. When he asked Dickinson about it, she said she forgot it was in the car.

Dickinson was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 14.