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Adrian Gilmore (1979)

Aug. 27, 7:17 pm

Aggravated DWI (Second)

Being refused service at a liquor store led to Adrian Gilmore, 43, of Yatahey, being arrested and charged with another DWI.

An employee of Sagebrush Liquors at 452 Hwy. 264 turned away a customer and called Metro Dispatch to advise the customer had left the store and was traveling westbound in a brown Buick Regal.

McKinley County Deputy Terence Willie was traveling west on Highway 264 and found a vehicle matching the caller’s description turning onto Defiance Draw Road. Willie followed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Sunset Valley Road and Defiance Draw Road.

Willie met the driver, Gilmore, and immediately noted signs of intoxication including bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol inside the vehicle. Gilmore exited the vehicle and produced the requested documents as he told Willie he was traveling home from Colorado. He also said he consumed two 12-oz. containers of Budweiser prior to driving.

After stating the incorrect time, Gilmore agreed to take the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. Willie then administered the alternative tests after Gilmore stated he had surgery on his legs about five years prior.

Gilmore performed poorly on the tests and was determined to be unfit to operate a vehicle and was placed under arrest. The report stated two passengers at the scene were released and walked to their homes. Gilmore refused to give a breath sample and was transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked for aggravated DWI (second) and having an open container in a vehicle.

His pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Oct. 8

Name: Eric Haskie

Age: 48

Arrested: June 4

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Sept. 29

Name: Matthew James

Age: 23

Arrested: May 7

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Sept. 15

Name: Lemuel James

Age: 24

Arrested: May 27

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Plea & disposition hearing on Sept. 13

Name: Lehman Smith

Age: 35

Arrested: May 15

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Sept. 15

Name: Bryceton Tsosie

Age: 21

Arrested: May 12

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Final pre-trial hearing on Sept. 29

Name: Janet Yazzie

Age: 28

Arrested: April 10

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Motion hearing on Sept. 7