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Thursday, Jan 20th

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Once again we have to move

Take care of what is yours

And you can have what is mine,

Our love is tough

Through dirt and dust

Last night was scary but we’ll be fine.


There will come a day

To hide under the covers

One of us will have to stay awake

To keep each other safe.


Why can’t they see

The whole world

Is a tent city,

Everything burns

We can stay warm

Save some for tomorrow.

Stay close to me

And we will build

Our own tent city,

Society falls

We welcome them all

If there is a tomorrow.


I sew the eye back on a Xmas doll

You got from a shelter home,

Empty bellies with full hearts

Drawing on walls, racing shopping carts

Wherever we’re at is our home.


Once upon a time there was a boy and girl

That lived on a street where fairy tales came true

They told stories without using words

And sang songs only they could hear.