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Letter to the Editor: America must get back to work, never become a Socialist country

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As  socialist democrats move us closer to socialism and many Americans are out of work, Congresswoman Torres-Small is silent and stays at home and continues to collect a paycheck.  Why is she not traveling throughout the district and pressuring the governor to help New Mexicans get back to work? In return for her silence and votes, she has received over 3 million dollars including large campaign contributions from lobbyists and out of state billionaires who want to take away our freedoms and change America from the ”Land of the Free” to “America, land of socialism and the deep state”.

Today, we see more and more irrational behavior by many socialist democrats, driven by their thirst for power and control. The following examples are unbelievable:

Church members in Greenville, Mississippi who held a parking lot service in their cars were cited and fined by the mayor, while next door at the same time, a fast-food restaurant was full of people getting out of their cars to pick-up food.

2.    Here in New Mexico you can buy pot or liquor, but you are not allowed to go to a gun store.

3.     At the lake In Elephant Butte, the governor won’t allow anglers to fish by themselves.

The Corona Virus Pandemic is a very serious situation, and we need to show caution and protect our citizens, but it is time for our governor to show common sense and let our rural counties begin reopening businesses in a safe and prudent manner. We must also never forget our faith in God and disregard New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when he said, “The number is down because we brought the number down, and God did not do that. Faith did not do that.”

As a soldier in the United States Army, I traveled in regions governed by socialists. There was so no incentive to work and poverty and attacks on churches were rampant. The government confiscated guns and citizens spied on their neighbors and lived in constant fear. Socialists want to suppress our love for God and control us with a big, over-reaching government. I stand with President Trump. I will never allow America to become a socialist country.”

Chris Mathys
Conservative Republican for US Congress