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Friday, Jan 27th

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Letter to the editor: View of a veteran

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Government and private companies gone wild in California, just this week electricity was cut off to almost a million people for fear of starting a fire!  The state has lost its mind by allowing a private company to shut off the electricity to people who may be on oxygen, sleep c-pac’s, COPD therapy machines, and other at home medical devices.  So, the question is if a person were to die, or have to go to the hospital because there at home medical devices would not work who is going to pay for this?  This is the same state that bans certain assault firearms and their magazine size, limits concealed carry permits, is a sanctuary state, wants to give illegals free medical care, and the right to vote.

Where does this stop? If you do not stop letting these left wing democrats’ politicians get voted into office it’s only going to get worse before you know it will happen here.

The utility has been found responsible for about two dozen wildfires and filed for bankruptcy protection in January. PG&E has said it could face up to $30 billion in liabilities for fires started by its equipment in recent years. In response, PG&E described the act of cutting off the power is taken out of an abundance of caution in the interest of safety. Of course, this is the same state that prevents you from thinning trees and underbrush.

Just this week a judge ruled to stop wood cutting in NM because the USFS failed to keep track of the spotted owl.  Lucky for us my dad and many others got most of their wood cutting done for the winter and the judge was going to allow private wood cutting but not for commercial use.  More bull crap because we are going to become like California and not be able to thin the forest and start having the same type of problems even here!

To make matters worse he is going to put small business like Mount Taylor Mills Works out of business, and maybe lay people off during the holidays.  Make damn sure you try and figure when you got to vote you pick the person running for office who is not going to do stupid things like these.

Trump just signed an order to stop federal agencies from making fines so high most people can’t afford them and to spend more time explaining violations of federal laws and regulations and getting corrected instead of dragging people to court.  As Trump says too many un-elected officials interpret and make up the rules, and laws as they go and it needs to stop!

Make sure you go out and vote, if they are running unopposed leave the box blank.  Find out if at least two are running who is the better of the two.  And as soon as you get the chance vote for the republicans in the general election!


Mr. Harry L. Hall

USAF Veteran Retired Police Officer