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Weekly Crime Blotter

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8/22, GALLUP

Gallup Police Department Officer Harland Soseeah was dispatched to a Laundromat at 2780 E. Hwy. 66 in reference to a male with a chainsaw who was trying to attack a female.

At the scene, Soseeah made contact with the crying victim who said she was pushed, kicked, and hit by Edwin Etcitty, 33. She said she’d been hostage at his home and was beaten up.

The victim said that when she and Etcitty went to the Laundromat, she asked customers for a phone to use, and when her husband noticed, he got mad and began to argue with her. Her parents arrived at this point, but Etcitty would not let her go with them.

When the victim went to the truck to get the laundry, Etcitty punched her face about three times, pushed her down, and kicked her. Etcitty almost ran over the victim’s mother and stepfather, who had tried to help.

The stepfather told police that Etcitty took off toward the reservation in a black truck. A warrant was signed for his arrest on charges of aggravated battery on a household member and aggravated assault.



8/20, GALLUP

GPD Officer Steven Peshlakai was dispatched to the Gallup Indian Medical Center, 516 E. Nizhoni Ave., in reference to a battered woman.

On arrival at the emergency room, Peshlakai met with the victim, who said she lives at a home belonging to Thomas A. Ortiz, 42. The victim said Ortiz, who is not her boyfriend but still gets jealous, became upset with her, would not calm down, hit her several times, and kicked her twice in the ribs. During the assault, the victim said, she lost consciousness.

When she came to, she tried to call police — the call went through to dispatch but was disconnected when Ortiz took the phone away. The victim said she felt she could not leave the residence, as Ortiz held her back. When she began yelling for help, Ortiz fled, and the victim eventually got a ride to the hospital.

Peshlakai filled out and later filed an arrest warrant affidavit for Ortiz on charges of aggravated battery, false imprisonment, and interference with communications.



8/19, GALLUP

GPD Officer Chavo Chischilly was dispatched to the area of 308 Victoria Ave. in reference to a male who’d called in saying he’d hit his friend in the head with a gun. The friend was now unconscious.

On arrival, Kyle Leslie, 26, was cooperative and was placed in handcuffs.

The gun was found with a round in it. The victim was treated at the scene and taken to a local hospital.

Leslie said the victim had been uncooperative and would not sit still. He had asked her to calm down several times, but she refused and threatened him. He said the victim came at him threateningly, so he told her had a gun and to stay back, but she refused and came at him. Leslie struck the victim on the head twice with the gun’s butt.

According to Leslie, the victim fell and he put the gun on the driveway, walked to the road, and sat there until the police arrived.

The victim was intoxicated and said she only remembered a little of what happened. Leslie, a MedStar ambulance employee at the time of the altercation, was booked on charges of aggravated battery and negligent use of a deadly weapon.



8/13, GALLUP

GPD Officer Luke Martin was dispatched to the 700-block of South Fifth Street in reference to a burglary.

On arrival, Martin met with a family that had left the residence to go to the Ceremonial parade. Upon return, the north and south bedrooms were ransacked, and the living-room window was wide open. Numerous items were missing, such as jewelry, electronics, and a little cash at an estimated combined value of more than $275.

The suspect is unknown.



8/10, GALLUP

GPD Officer Andrea Tsosie was dispatched to the Rio West Mall at 1300 W. Maloney Ave. in reference to a shoplifting incident.

The owner of Urban Wear told Red Rock Security Officers that Darrell Desiderio, 22, was trying to steal a jacket from his store. Security said Desiderio was uncooperative, argumentative, and refused to pay for the jacket, which he was wearing.

Desiderio was “slightly intoxicated and began to resist arrest,” according to the report. GPD Officer Martin Luke arrived to help. Desiderio continued to resist getting into the police vehicle. Eventually, the officers shackled his feet, but Desiderio remained uncooperative.

He was transported to a local hospital for medical clearance before being booked in jail for shoplifting and resisting, evading, and obstructing an officer.



8/18: A black 2007 Ford F-150 (Plate #UNM0527) was stolen from the Gallup area.




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