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By Babette Herrmann

Robbie R. Daniels II

11/5,  8:17 pm

DWI 3rd Offense, Aggravated

Gallup Police Department Officer Harland Soseeah was training an officer as part of the field officers training program, when the officer in training noted that a vehicle exiting the Gilbert Ortega Shell gas station on east Highway 66 had no headlights on.

Soseeah pulled the vehicle over, and Daniels, 31, presented a revoked/suspended drivers license. The license stated that he can be arrested if caught driving. Aside from the obvious, Daniels took the field sobriety tests, which were not fairing well for him.

Next, he blew a .18 on the Breath Alcohol Content test and was booked into McKinley County Adult Detention Center for his third DWI.

Milton Washington, Jr.

10/26, 6:12 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

When GPD Sgt. Francie Martinez pulled Washington over for a routine traffic stop he could only present an ID card. He also reeked of booze and showed the obvious signs of intoxication – bloodshot, watery eyes. Milton, 24, tells Martinez that he had two beers, well … wait, likely more.

When Martinez was giving Milton the field sobriety tests, he gave in shortly after starting the series. “You know I’m not going to pass, and I know I’m going to jail,” Milton said, according to the police report.

Milton was booked into jail and refused to take the alcohol breath tests.

Karla Leekity

10/25, 2:27 am

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Officer Soseeah pulled over Leekity at the Alon on South Second Street for good reason. After he initiated the stop, he asked her why she was driving with her door open, according to the report. The signs of intoxication were obvious and Soseeah asked how much she had to drink, but Leekity, 37, denied having anything to drink.

After failing to pass the field sobriety tests, and being placed in cuffs, Leekity spewed some verbal venom, including the dreaded “F-Bomb.” She refused to give a breath test, earning her an aggravated DWI.

Eugene Smiley

10/23, 2:53 pm


A swinging time at the Shalimar and erratic driving on Interstate 40 landed Smiley his first DWI. A good Samaritan noticed the Kia Smiley was driving was swerving along the highway and called police. GPD Officer Luke Martin located Smiley shortly after he exited the freeway. He admitted to drinking four to five 12-ounce cans of Bud Light

From there, the stop was routine, with Smiley, 50, struggling to pass the field sobriety tests and being placed under arrest. He blew a BAC of .15 – twice.