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Armand Ortega Jewelry Store in the El Rancho Hotel

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The Jewelry Store at the El Rancho Hotel is owned by the Ortega family and features handmade jewelry from Local Artists throughout the Region. The Primary goal of the Jewelry Store is to provide you with the finest handpicked jewelry from Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi Artists.

The late owner, Armand Ortega, had been in the jewelry business his entire life and is a 4th generation trader. As a child, he worked in a Trading Post in Holbrook Arizona and has always worked hand in hand with the Navajo community. Today, the Ortega family is one of the premier Traders in the region and he invites you to talk with their staff if you would like to learn more about Indian Jewelry.

We invite you to discover the beautiful Artwork in our store:

Zuni Art, including Fetishes, Inlaid Jewelry

Navajo Art, including Rugs, Bracelets, Squash Blossoms, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, and Rings

Hopi Art, including Kachina Dolls

Alternatively, when you visit the El Rancho Hotel, you will be in  one of the few places where you can literally travel to the places where the jewelry is made and get to know the community. If you have any questions about places where you can learn more about the jewelry, please feel free to ask a staff member in the Jewelry Store. Visit us at 1000 E. Highway 66