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Monday, Sep 25th

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Jesse Begay, 52, Tohatchi, NM

Begay was arrested June 15 after being called into Metro Dispatch as a possible intoxicated driver. According to the report, filed by Gallup Police Department Officer Chanelle Preston, while she was at Wal-Mart looking for the vehicle, Lt. Edwin Yazzie spotted the vehicle getting onto I-40 going westbound from Munoz Overpass. Yazzie got the vehicle stopped at Love’s truck stop. Begay displayed several signs of intoxication and failed several field sobriety tests. His blood was drawn for a blood alcohol test to be performed. He was booked for DWI, failure to stop/yield at an intersection, registration, insurance and for his driver’s license being suspended/revoked due to a previous DWI.

Emery McCabe, 55, Window Rock, Ariz.

McCabe was arrested June 22 after he was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle in front of his daughter’s residence on Black Diamond Canyon. The vehicle was called in as driving reckless, possibly occupied by intoxicated individuals and possibly had hit a stop sign in the area. GPD Officer Luke Martin found the vehicle and the three occupants asleep, with the vehicle running. McCabe blew a .21, .20 after failing several field sobriety tests and being placed under arrest. One passenger was given a citation for open container and the other was taken to Gallup Detox. McCabe was booked for his first aggravated DWI and driver’s license required.

Emmett Ellison Christian, 29, Gallup, NM

Christian was arrested on his second offense of driving under the influence on June 17. He refused to do field sobriety tests as well as a breath test, constituting the aggravated addition on the DUI charge. He also denied having consumed any alcohol despite the strong odor coming from his person, his slurred speech and the open bottle of 375 mL Importer’s Vodka found in his vehicle. He was also charged with open container, careless driving and mandatory financial responsibility.

Tyson Antone, 27, Gallup, NM

Antone was seen behind the driver’s wheel by GPD Officer Ryan Blackgoat. Blackgoat says in his report that he knew Antone to not be licensed. The vehicle Antone was driving had been called in to police while it was parked at the Sports Complex and the occupants appeared to be drinking inside the vehicle. Blackgoat caught up with Antone on Highway 602 and was finally able to stop the vehicle at Comfort Inn on Maloney Avenue. After failing several field sobriety tests, Antone was placed under arrest for DWI. He blew a .18 on his breath sample. He was taken to the jail and charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated and driver’s license required.

Mychal K. Jim, 27, Vanderwagon, NM

GPD Officer Daniel Brown responded to Hibbet sports June 25 in reference to a man kicking the glass doors of the business. When Brown arrived, he observed Jim in a vehicle backing up. He stopped the vehicle and found Jim displaying signs of intoxication. He blew a .17 on his breath tests and was charged with aggravated DWI, limitations on backing and open container in a motor vehicle.

Benjamin Larry, 37, Thoreau, NM

Larry brought attention to himself with his behaviour in the Thoreau area June 24, according to McKinley Sheriff’s Office Deputy Merlin Benally’s report. When Benally observed the strange way Larry was driving and avoiding looking at him, Benally followed the vehicle to find the registration expired. Larry denied drinking although he did smell of intoxicating beverage and failed several field sobriety tests, according to the report. He was taken for a blood draw to be tested for his blood alcohol level. Larry was charged with his second DWI, driving on a suspended/revoked license, no insurance, no valid registration and open container in a motor vehicle.

John D. Yazzie, 60, Churchrock, NM

MCSO Deputy Nocono Clark saw Yazzie’s driving behavior June 26 and pulled him over on Highway 491. After displaying signs of intoxication and failing field sobriety tests, Yazzie was placed under arrest. He refused a breath test and was therefore booked for aggravated DWI, roadways laned for traffic and not having valid registration.

Quentin Martin, 24, Gallup, NM

Martin was stopped by MCSO Deputy Arnold Noriega for speeding. Noriega pulled over the vehicle at Allsups and immediately smelled the odor of alcohol when Martin opened his door. And when Noriega asked for his driver’s license, Martin handed him a debit card. After failing field sobriety tests, Martin was placed under arrest for DWI and found to have a revoked driver’s license and one prior DWI conviction. Martin’s breath tests results were a .20, .19. He was charged for the revoked license, speeding, careless driving and his second offense of DWI, this one aggravated due to the breath test results.