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Weekly Police Activity Report

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Gallup, Sept. 23

Rudy Lopez, 28, no address listed, seemingly had a sweet craving that could only be satisfied by breaking into a Gallup restaurant.

On Sept. 23 at about 1:02 am, Gallup Officer Gilbert Gonzales was dispatched to Fratelli’s Bistro at 1209 N. U.S. Hwy. 491 in reference to a burglary in progress. At the scene,  he was advised by officers that a male in a white sweatshirt had fled from the building.

Gonzales searched the surrounding area and located the suspect, whom he knew and identified as Lopez, and detained him. Gonzales returned to the business and met the owner, who stated he received a notification on his phone that someone had entered the restaurant, and directed Gonzales to an open window on the southeast side of the building.

Officers searched the building and found no other people inside. Gonzales inspected the display case containing numerous containers of gelato. He saw that it had been opened and one pan appeared to be missing. The owner showed Gonzales the video recording of the incident, which reportedly depicted Lopez opening the window and entering the restaurant. He then opened the display case containing the gelato and ate from several pans and removed one of them.

The missing pan was found outside of the restaurant. It was stated the pans that Lopez removed and ate from would have to be replaced, with the estimated cost of all 16 pans totaling about $3,200.

Lopez was booked on a burglary charge. His preliminary examination is set for Oct. 5.


Gallup, Sept. 23

A call of a couple fighting at a Gallup apartment building led to property damage and the arrest of a Zuni man, Randon Hooee, 37.

Shortly after midnight on Sept. 23, Metro Dispatch received a call of a fight at Sun Valley Apartments, 201 E. Montoya Blvd. Gallup Officer Warren Bowannie was dispatched to the scene.

Bowannie and Officer Gilbert Gonzales arrived at the building about 12:25 am, and saw a man later identified as Hooee in one of the windows. Upon looking inside, Bowannie reportedly saw some of the furniture inside had been damaged and other items had been strewn across the floor. The officers called for Hooee to come out of a back room, which he did, followed by a woman later identified as his partner.

Hooee told the officers to shoot him while keeping his hands in his pockets. He tried to close the door on Gonzales, at which point Gonzales used his taser on Hooee. When he was on the ground, Bowannie placed him in handcuffs. Hooee remained uncooperative and was examined by an arriving ambulance.

Bowannie spoke to the witness who told him that Hooee had gotten angry and accused her of cheating on him. Hooee allegedly began throwing some of the furniture around and had swung a chair at a TV valued at about $2,300. Despite his actions, she had no apparent injuries.

Hooee was taken to Gallup Indian Medical Center for clearance, and then transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center. He was booked for criminal damage to property over $1,000 and two counts of resisting or evading arrest. His preliminary examination is set for Oct. 5.


Gallup, Sept. 21

Gallup Police checked on a pickup truck outside of a local gas station and eventually arrested William Schumaker, 31, of Jamestown, on drug charges.

After being alerted to the suspicious vehicle outside of Speedway North, 701 U.S. Hwy. 491, Officers Matthew Strandy and Aaron Marquez arrived at the station to investigate. They looked inside the vehicle and noticed that Schumaker was passed out at the wheel. The officers reportedly saw various drug paraphernalia through the window and woke Schumaker up and had him exit the vehicle.

Strandy ran Schumaker’s name through Metro Dispatch, who advised the officers that he had an unspecified number of warrants for his arrest. The license plate on the pickup truck was also returned as belonging to a different vehicle.

Schumaker explained he was tired and used Fentanyl before parking. He was detained while the officers searched the vehicle, where they reportedly found several pipes and burnt tin foil, which the report stated are consistent with Fentanyl use. Strandy also found four blue pills which he noted were consistent with Fentanyl.

When questioned about the license plate, Schumaker told officers he was a mechanic and the truck had been loaned to him while he worked on it. However, he was unable to provide a contact number or explain the mismatched plates. He also admitted the Fentanyl belonged to him.

Schumaker was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance, false evidence of title or registration, and possession of drug paraphernalia. His preliminary examination is set for Oct. 5.