The wisdom of learning from others


To the editor,

Fellow humans who are involved with alcohol: I am aware that for most of you, my attempts to get you to quit drinking are unwelcome. I keep trying because I think back and deeply regret rejecting the people who attempted to help me. Also, the fact that God did not give up on me helps me to not give up on you.

I had a set strategy for all who attempted to get me to quit drinking. I would ask them: “Am I trying to get you to drink with me?”

When they said no, I would say, “Then how about if you live your life and let me live mine?”

I learned the hard way; you do not have to.

There is a saying: A wise man learns from experience, but a wiser man learns from the experiences of others. The choice is yours.

God’s word tells us that in helping others, we help ourselves. I would much rather meet you in heaven than in hell.

In my drinking days I did not fear hell, not because of bravery, but because of stupidity. As I get closer to death and judgment day, the reality of hell now terrifies me.

Louis Maldonado