An analysis of District 3 contenders


April 10, 2016

Regarding the upcoming District 3 County Commission election I have had a lot of interesting Q&A sessions with several people.

The question most people have on their mind is who does it really come down?   Most people think it is between David Dallago and Bill Lee.

With these two it comes down to people already know them City wide and already know whether or not the like them or not.

Like or not you have to give David Dallago the edge in experience over all the candidates – he ran the County for eight years – he knows the County government, he is a Civil Engineer and he is a smart guy.

With Lee – well – he is “Mr. Personality” and he has been County Manager for 18 months so he has to know what goes on in the County.

The big question people have is why did he quit to run for Commissioner?

What I hear is he was already planning to quit and go back to the Chamber anyway.  No matter who I talk to they still don’t get that decision. Someone said it might be about money - $80 thousand or so from the Chamber plus the Commissioners salary would get him near or over $100 thousand and still give him some government benefits.

There are people who know Johnny Green mainly as the former Fire Chief.  He will need to sell himself as more than that. Gerald is the least known. Both need to get their message out quickly.

In closing here is what I think people need to look at.

In June 2012 Bob Rosebrough beat Patti Herrera 1,237 to 819 votes prior to canvassing.

In June 2014 Tony Tanner beat George Galanis 1,097 to 1,004 votes prior to canvassing.

So if this election will reflects the 2012 election and assume Lee gets the Rosebrough votes and Dallago gets the Herrera votes then it will be Lee by a land slide.

But, if you feel this election will reflect the Tanner vs. Galanis election in 2014, with Lee getting Tanner votes and Dallago getting Galanis votes then it will be a close vote; AND THE BIG FACTOR will be who will lose votes to Johnny Green and Gerald O’Hara this time around.


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