Guaranteeing good tasting and safe water at the tap


There is a tremendous effort put forth by water systems all over the country to provide safe and clean water to their customers.  Of course upsets and mistakes do happen.

Flint Michigan is a horrendous example of how not to do it.  But individual families can provide a firewall at their kitchen sinks to stop any contaminants that might get that far. The solution is a simple triple filter available from plumbers and hardware stores.  This filter gets rid of 95% of everything in the water.

The first filter is a particle filter that removes any particles that are still in the water.  The second filter is an activated carbon filter that removes items that can cause taste or odor issues and the third filter is a reverse osmosis unit that takes out virtually all the chemicals, including chlorine.

Using this tap for drinking and cooking water assures that whatever happened upstream is stopped in its tracks at the filter.  The cost is usually about $400.00 installed. The filters need to be changed regularly, typically twice a year.

If you are don’t like the taste of your water or are worried about water safety or if your water has “issues” put one of these units in to cure the problem.  These triple filters are pretty much a magic bullet for cleaning up water for less money and effort than spent on bottled water.

Michael Daly,

Gallup, NM

[Michael Daly is a professional engineer who is president of the White Cliffs Mutual Domestic Water Users Association, which uses reverse osmosis to treat its well water]