Thanking the Sun for its coverage of Mud, now an official Sundance 2018 selection


Nov. 24, 2017

Ms. Babette Herrmann

Publisher and Editor

The Gallup Sun

Post Office Box 1212

Gallup, New Mexico 87305

Dear Publisher/Editor Herrmann:

On Behalf of Mud (Hashtł’ishnii), our production crew and talent, I want to thank you for the news coverage you gave us while we were in Gallup, New Mexico.

The combination of film crew and talent thoroughly enjoyed being in Gallup and on the Navajo Nation during the three days of production. It was a learning opportunity for us all and a great place from which to convey our story.

Following the production of Mud on September 9-11, this past summer, our team went immediately into an arduous schedule of post production editing and finalizing our film for a quick turn around submission to the Sundance Film Festival. We were given 30 days.

Now, the Thanksgiving holiday gave us a much-needed respite from working hours, days, and weeks in sharpening our rough cut we were ready for the next step. The Sundance Film Festival will be finalizing their selections. We are competing for our selection among thousands of film submissions. We ask that you remain positive with all of us that we have a chance in making it.

Thank you for all your contribution. Mud is a production you have made possible. We are deeply grateful.

Very truly yours,

Shaandiin Tome

Writer and Director