Don’t fear Gallup Land Partners


Dear Editor,

As I am currently traveling abroad in Japan I have enjoyed staying abreast of Gallup news via your great website.  I am taking the effort to write this letter out of concern in regards to your coverage of the proposed trails/recreational area on the Northside.

I am disappointed at what appears to be odd coverage of this exciting proposition for Gallup.  To be specific your coverage doesn’t seem to talk about any of the positive attributes that this project could bring to our residents and visitors.

Instead the coverage merely talks about the tax decisions the county is making on this project, and then ruminates on the dangers that may possibly exist out there.

Unsubstantiated fear is never a good reason to report on.  Is it not common knowledge that the High Desert Trail System which the public has been enjoying for over a decade is also on previously mined land that is also owned by Gallup Land Partners?

I understand that the Northside property may be different (although I have trod on it for nearly two decades and would assure anyone that walking down Route 66 is inherently more dangerous than this area).  But what bothers me is that by your reporting standards one could summarily conclude that we should also close pyramid rock trail because of rattle snakes, or cancel the football programs for fear of injury.  Shoot, we may as all well sell our homes here in Gallup because they might cave in from the mines under them and the associated radon gas risk??

If Gallup is to keep moving forward with life, we cannot be consumed with unsubstantiated fear.  We have enough real trials to endure in this life, we don’t need to invent any more.


Chuck Van Drunen

Gallup, NM 87301