Israel Saldivar

Aug. 11, 2:30 am

DWI (refusal)

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Frank Villa Jr. said he was dispatched to be on the lookout for an intoxicated driver.

He found the suspect vehicle and followed it to a house on Crystal Avenue where the car went into a driveway. He said he recognized the driver as Israel Saldivar, 27, of Gallup. Saldivar went into the house.

Villa said he was walked up to the door and knocked and identified himself, but there was no answer. After several minutes more, then was still no answer so Villa called out his name, and he finally answered the door.

Villa said Salvador was agitated and said this was private property. By this time, another deputy had shown up and the two continued to demand that he step outside and he continued to refuse.

Villa said he then tried to shut the door but he blocked it with his foot. Villa said he told him why he was there and he denied he had been driving and said he didn’t do anything wrong.

Saldivar was showing signs of being intoxicated, said Villa, so he placed him in handcuffs. He refused to take field sobriety tests or a breath alcohol test.

When he was taken to the county jail, he continued yelling and said his head had been injured when he was dragged out of his house.

Jonah Dayea

Aug. 10, 8:13 pm

3rd DWI

Deputy Frank Villa Jr. said he was driving on Crestview Avenue when he got a call to look for a man in a maroon shirt who was suspected of driving drunk.

Villa said he had noticed a man matching that description from seeing him a few minutes before, so he turned around and eventually found him on State Highway 118. But when he tried to do a traffic stop, the driver ignored his lights and sirens.

Villa followed the vehicle until it parked in a driveway on Si Lane. The driver got out and approached Villa’s unit and said he had not noticed the lights and sirens.

He said he had come from just down the street, but Villa said that was not true. Villa also said he noticed that Dayea, 40, of Mentmore, showed signs of being intoxicated. He also noticed three cans of beer in his vehicle.

It turned out that the house on Si Lane belonged to his cousin, who told Villa that Dayea never comes to visit him.

At first he refused to take a field sobriety tes,t but agreed the second time he was asked. The test showed mixed results and he was arrested. He also refused to take a breath alcohol test.

Narcisco Baca

Aug. 2, 10:33 pm

Aggravated DWI

City Patrolman Patrick Largo said he was traveling on Boyd Avenue at night when he noticed a vehicle with no headlights on.

He stopped the vehicle and talked to the driver, Narcisco Baca, 24, of Gallup.

Baca said he had had nothing to drink but Largo said he noticed signs he was intoxicated and asked him if he would take a field sobriety test.

He became angry and told Largo to check with another officer if he wanted to know why his headlights were off, but Largo pointed out he alone was driving. He then agreed to take the field sobriety tests but after failing some of tests he became angry and uncooperative so he was arrested for DWI.

He agreed to take a breath alcohol test but when they got to police headquarters, he said he wanted to take it where he had been stopped. Largo said he could not have done that and said Baca became angry  and said he would take it to court.

Malinda Jones

July 15, 2:18 am


City Patrolman Justin Benally said he was assisting another officer near the McDonald’s on West Highway 66 when an employee came up and said a woman had fallen asleep in the drive-thru lane.

Benally checked and found Malinda Jones, 49, of Fort Defiance asleep in her vehicle with the engine running. He woke her up, and she said she had just been at the Shalimar and agreed to take field sobriety tests.

She failed the tests and was placed under arrest. She agreed to take a breath alcohol test and posted samples of .08 and .07. She was also charged with having an open liquor container in her vehicle.