Weekly Crime Blotter



A lovers spat in Thoreau allegedly crossed the line, according McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Ivan Tsethlikai’s report. A man said the he was assaulted with a coffee cup, rock and was held against his will by his girlfriend Phoebia Lee. Both had redness and bumps on their bodies, but Lee took it too far by absconding with his vehicle keys. A witness said that she also held him by the shirt, which prevented the victim from leaving the scene.

Lee, 30, faces the charges of aggravated battery, false imprisonment and also had an outstanding bench warrant.


Yes, spitting on a police officer is considered assault.  Gallup Police Department Officer Terrance Peyketewa was patrolling American Heritage Plaza when a reported JC Penney’s employee was trying to catch up with a man wearing all black, who had allegedly stolen some shoes from the department store.

According to Peyketewa’s report, the signs of intoxication were present as he confronted Travis Touchine. He refused to cooperate, so the next plan of action was to have him transported to detox. Next, the spitting ensued, along with kicking. The spitting was out of control, so the officer placed a spit mask on Touchine. Touchine, 26, was booked for assault and battery.


At first he denied it, but later admitted to assaulting a fellow inmate at McKinley County Adult Detention Center, thanks to video coverage. Richard Martinez, 41, reportedly beat inmate Marty Natan while he was sleeping. It’s not clear what inspired the event, but Natan asked to be placed in protective custody, according to MCSO Deputy Roxanne King’s report. It’s not clear if Natan was treated for his injuries, and the case if being referred to District Attorney Karl Gillson.


GPD is on the lookout for Josue S. Escoto-Lazaro, 23, for allegedly stealing money from other house mates. According to the two women that reside in the same home, one had money missing from her dresser and the other off of a bed. And to boot, there was a trail of blood that somehow led to Escoto-Lazaro, according to GPD Officer Dominic Molina’s report.

It’s not clear how he sustained injuries, but his blood was all over the house. He reportedly ran into the ladies at the house after the theft and cursed at them and punched a car window. Escoto-Lazaro is a Hispanic male who stands about 5’9” and weighs 170 lbs.


Raymond Ramirez, 46, let his temper get the best of him when he allegedly slapped his 11-year-old daughter for failing to clean up where the pet dog pooped in the house. The daughter said that Ramirez slapped her in the face one time with an open hand, and did not complain of any injuries, according to GPD Officer Angelo Cellicion’s report. Ramirez was booked for child abuse or neglect/intimidation.


Antonio Dubois lost it in Maria’s Restaurant in downtown Gallup. According to owner Mary Guillen, Dubois was served food, but started acting bizarrely  by pulling on his hair and clothes while cursing, according to GPD Officer Terrance Peyketewa’s report.

He also had his bike in the small restaurant and was asked to take it outside. That’s when things escalated and Dubois grew enraged and pulled a knife on one of the owners, Jerry, and reportedly said “come out I got a knife I’m gonna stab you.”

Before he could deliver on that threat, police apprehended him. He was sweating profusely and talking fast, Peyketewa, noted. Meth was discovered in one of his socks. Dubois, 45, was booked for aggravated assault and possession of a controlled substance.


According to MCSO Deputy Merlin Benally’s report, Kevin Joe allegedly got angry at his girlfriend for drinking a beer that he thought belonged to him. From her account, it was hers. “Kevin got up from the couch, confronted Jennifer, threw her around the living room, then down the hallway,” the report states. He then jumped on her and forced his right elbow into her left chest … “began to strangle her, and made her pass out.”

He reportedly made her pass out again before he left the scene. Next she called the police. Joe, 32, was charged with aggravated battery on a household member.