Leonard L. Doctor

March 24, 5:10 pm

8th DWI, Aggravated

It would be interesting to find out what kind of sentence and fines the courts will hand down to Doctor, who this time around got into an accident near T&R Market, then fled the scene. According to MCSO Deputy Merlin Benally’s report, Doctor nearly eluded him. He had sped off in a Ford Mustang, but Benally was finally able to catch up with him at North Clekai and Tso Drive in Yahtahey. He didn’t fare well on field sobriety tests and blew a .32 and .30 during the breath tests, meaning … he was totally wasted.

Christopher James

Feb. 28, 3:04 am

3rd DWI

James is the latest in another case of driver passing out in the median, or some other inappropriate place on the highway, and getting busted by police. McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Arnold Noriega was traveling south on Diamond, approaching Hubble in Gamerco when he noticed James hunched over in his grey Ford F-150.

James, 47, was demonstrating all of the signs of intoxication. He admitted to having just two beers. He refused to take field sobriety tests, but did take the alcohol content breath tests, blowing a .13 and .12.

Michelle J. Pat

Feb. 27, 1 am

Aggravated DWI

Similar to James, Pat came to rest in the middle northbound lane of County Road 1, at Sanostee Drive. GPD Officer Darius Johnson noticed that Pat, and possibly her significant other, were both passed out in the GMC Sierra truck. It took some convincing by the officer to wake the duo up. And when Johnson was giving Pat, 31, the field sobriety tests, she became uncooperative, saying, “I’m not going to take these stupid test(s), just take me where you need me …” so Johnson did – straight to jail. Pat refused to take the breath tests as well.

William Padavich

Feb. 26, 5:38 pm

Aggravated DWI

Fortunately no one was hurt – not even Padavich – when he rolled his vehicle near the Mile Marker 18 mark on westbound I-40, according to GPD Officer Chanelle Preston’s report. Padavich, 23, is the son of GPD Sgt. Billy Padavich. GPD Det. Nicola Martinez was the first to arrive on scene.

He reportedly said he had a drink that morning, but breath tests may have proved otherwise. He blew a .19 and .20. The legal limit is .08.

Lizsol Juan Price

Feb. 25, 3:41 am


As GPD Officer Philamina Chischilly went to McDonald’s east to locate a possible drunk driver, in a grey Dodge Neon, she found a Neon matching the description parked next to a black Nissan Titan with its engine running. According to her report, when she approached the driver’s side window of the truck, she noted that Price’s passenger was giving him fellacio. Price started to back his truck up, and despite demands from Chischilly and another officer to stop, he continued to back up, hitting a patrol unit then fleeing the scene.

After a short pursuit, Price, 27, came to a stop at 2070 E. Aztec. He didn’t fare well on the field sobriety tests and blew a .13, twice, during the breath tests.

Anthony Gaddy

Feb. 24, 10:28 pm

Aggravated DWI

Gaddy was pulled over near Mile Marker 61 on westbound I-40. According to Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero’s report, Gaddy, 57, had an open container of alcohol in his car, which turned out to be a small bottle of Jose Cuervo with the seal broken. He admitted to drinking two to three cans of beer that day. Gaddy refused to take the field sobriety tests, but readily took the breath tests and blew a .18 and .17.

Antoinette M. Hardin

Feb. 23, 6:17 pm

3rd DWI, Aggravated

Hardin was already facing a speeding ticket when a deputy approached her in the the parking lot of El Sabinos, 1863 State Highway 602, for driving her Chevy Camero at speeds of up to 93 mph. DWI Task Force Supervisor Tammy Houghtaling could smell booze wafting from the car and asked Hardin, 63, how much she had to drink.

According to Houghtaling’s report, Hardin admitted to consuming a six pack of “Natural Light,” and that her last drink was 30 minutes earlier that evening. She didn’t fare well on field sobriety tests and blew a .23, twice, during the breath tests.

Dallas Tsosie

Feb. 23, 8:30 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

MCSO Deputy Guerrero responded to Western Skies Trailer Park as he was advised that a driver had left the scene of an accident. Tsosie, 23, was that driver and made his way to Travel Centers of America’s parking lot, where Guerrero caught up with him. The deputy noted in his report that Tsosie had a open bottle of Yukon Jack between his legs and was demonstrating all of the signs of intoxication. He didn’t do well on the field sobriety tests, and refused to take the breath tests.

Guy Begay

Feb. 16, 6:48 pm

Aggravated DWI

Begay’s involvement in a car accident at Highway 66 and Second Street alerted GPD Officer Carmelita James to Begay’s behavior. According to her report, Begay was “swaying back and forth,” and she “detected an odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath.” He reportedly admitted to having some whiskey, when asked. James found an open bottle of Jim Beam in his vehicle. Begay, 72, refused to take the breath tests.