Walter Harvey

Dec. 3, 9:01 pm

5th DWI

Harvey had just been in an accident when Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero of the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office DWI Unit approached him on the east side of State Hwy 602.

Harvey, 50, admitted to having “a couple of shots in Gallup” and was on his way home to what it appears to be Bread Springs from the deputy’s report.

He blew a .22/.21 and was also charged with reckless driving and for driving with a suspended license.

James Deschine

Dec. 3, 11:29 pm

2nd DWI

Deschine made an attempted run from Navajo Nation law in his white Dodge Avenger. He took off from the Blake’s Lotaburger in Tse Bonito and crossed state lines into New Mexico where he stopped at Tse Bonito Trailer Park – county territory. That didn’t stop a Window Rock officer from detaining him.

When Deputy Anthony Ashley arrived, Deschine, 46,  told him that he had three Bud Light beers an hour before being apprehended. But, Ashley would find an empty bottle of Vodka on the floor behind the driver’s seat. He blew a .13 twice. He was charged for the DWI, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, and lesser charges.

Dee Ann Yazzie

Dec. 3, 2:18 pm

3rd DWI

Deputy Merlin Benally was on his way to a call when he came upon a silver utility vehicle parked in his lane. He noticed that the passenger, Melvin Cleveland, was throwing out beverage containers on the ground. It was enough to prompt him to address the littering.

He approached Yazzie, who said said she was asking why Cleveland was littering since she saves cans. She attempted to cover her mouth as she spoke, but the smell of alcohol and slurred speech was readily noticed by Benally. She admitted to drinking two and half cans of Budweiser beer. She didn’t fare well on field sobriety tests and blew a .22 twice during the breath tests.

Devone A. Charley

Dec. 3, 4:45 am


Charley was parked in a ditch on State Hwy 602 and was sitting in the driver’s seat, completely passed out. Two Gallup Police Department officers escorted her out of the car. One of those officers started questioning her and that’s when Officer Philamina Chischilly noticed the smell of alcohol, “bloodshot, glossy eyes and slurred speech and staggering towards the back of the vehicle.”

Chischilly administered field sobriety tests which Charley, 42, failed. She blew a .14 then a .12 during the breath tests.