Weekly Crime Blotter




It’s not clear why Watson Watchman and Andy Garcia wanted to start a fire at Gallup Detox Center at 2205 East Boyd Ave, but it landed both of them in jail.

Gallup Police Department Officer Khaera Chee responded to the scene in which two fires had to be extinguished. According to the report, an employee later reviewed video surveillance and saw Watson handing Garcia an item that later turned out to be a lighter. Video footage also shows Watchman gather clothing and tissue and setting it on fire in an area with more than 60 occupants.

Watchman was charged with negligent arson and Garcia with an accessory to arson.



A man bound by wheelchair was watching TV in his living room at his residence, located in Cedar Hills Apartments, when he heard a noise in his bathroom. As he wheeled his way into the restroom, he notices Johnny Willie standing there. Willie reportedly pulled off the screen and pulled open a window to get into the man’s apartment. The man was able to scare him off.

As GPD Officer Valerie Wilson interviews the man, another man walks into the apartment and is able to lead the officer to the suspect. Willie is then booked for breaking and entering.



GPD Officer Cindy Romancito was dispatched to Motel 6 at 3306 West Hwy 66 in reference to two men bothering customers. With the help of Community Service Aid Adrian Quetawki, they searched the area and were informed that both men, Darren James and Darryl L. James, were headed toward a white RV.

The duo decided to check out the RV with the permission of the owner and found the two men passed out in a bed. It was obvious that they had been drinking. Darryl readily complied with Romancito’s request to get into the back of the van. However, Darren put up a bit of fight and was screaming obscenities. Both were charged with breaking and entering, a fourth degree felony.



In an attempt to get two intoxicated, panhandling people off the streets, Officer Romancito got an attitude, and a shove, from a woman she was attempting to place in the back of a Community Service Aid van.

Maggie Yazzie, 40, at first tried to walk away from the officer, but that didn’t work out for her as Romancito was able to grab her by the arm and tell her to stand still. As she walked Yazzie back to the van, Yazzie turned around and shoved her, causing her to take a few steps back. Romancito quickly recovered and Yazzie made another attempt to push, this time to no avail.

Yazzie was charged with battery against a peace officer.



A Community Service Aid led GPD Officer Ryan Blackgoat to a man suspected of stealing some items out of a vehicle. Blackgoat confronted Gerald Kee, who matched the description given to him by the CSA, that was walking with a group of about 10 people northbound up Third Street.

Kee, 32, gave Blackgoat permission to search his backpack. He pulled out a cellphone, radar detector and wire charger, which he claimed to be his property. At around that time a silver van pulled up and a man said someone had stolen his radar detector. It was returned to him on scene.

Kee was booked for burglary of a vehicle.