Alfredo Delgarito, 31, Gallup, NM

Sept. 7, 11:25 pm

3rd DWI

Cindy Joe had luck on her side when she stopped in time to avoid a collision with a white Chevy Malibu, parked in the middle of State Highway 602, near Mile Marker 24. When McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Johnson Lee approached Degarito, he had to wake him. He reeked of booze, had bloodshot eyes and couldn’t pass the field sobriety tests. The dead giveaway was the open bottle of Miller Light Ultra and open can of Bud Light. He blew a 0.22 and 0.21 during his two breath tests.

Candice Brown, 36, Thoreau, NM

Sept 12, 11:31 pm

Aggravated DWI

Brown reportedly roughed up a waitress at the Denny’s adjacent to Pilot Travel Center in Jamestown. She fled the scene in a silver Chevy Monte Carlo and lead MCSO Deputy Garylie James on a 23 mile chase down Interstate 40 to Grants. The Grants Police Department deployed their spike belt, immediately ending her drunken escapade. Brown refused to take a breath test, earning her an aggravated DWI. She was also charged with aggravated fleeing.

Ervin Joe Nez, 49, Pinon, Ariz.

Sept. 12, 12:24 am

According to MCSO Deputy Nacona Clark’s report, a quick thinking son pulled his father, Ervin Joe Nez, out of his van to keep him from rendering damage to another vehicle and driving elsewhere. Nez reportedly rammed a white Jeep belonging to a family member. Nez failed the field sobriety tests. His two breath tests revealed a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.06.

Nancy Marinez, 48, Wingate, NM

Sept. 12, 3:46 am

Martinez was stopped in the slow lane on Interstate 40, which alerted drivers then the MCSO. When Deputy Arnold Noriega walked up to Martinez, he noted in his report that she “was passed out with a beer bottle in between her legs.” The car doors were locked and the vehicle was still in drive. Noriega was able to get into the vehicle and safely pull it off the road. She volunteered to go to Gallup Detox Center and struggled with the field sobriety test. The breath test revealed a BAC. of 0.158. Martinez was also charged with an open container, her second offense.

Philbert Degarito, 32, Prewitt, NM

Sept. 10, 5:49 pm

4th DWI

MCSO Deputy Ivan Tsethlikai, Jr. was at the right place at the right time when he notice a red Jeep SUV pull out from Albertson’s grocery story onto East Highway 66, nearly colliding with traffic. Tsethlikai could smell alcohol when Degarito refused to engage in field sobriety tests. He was booked into McKinley County Adult Detention Center for his fourth DWI. His two intoxicated passengers were taken to Gallup Detox Center.

Humberto Reyes, 52, Laguna, NM

Sept. 9, 8:43 pm

2nd DWI

Reyes was pulled over by MCSO Deputy Shane Bennett for swerving while traveling southbound on New Mexico Highway 371. Bennett noticed Reyes’ bloodshot and watery eyes and noted the smell of alcohol wafting from the vehicle. There was a “Natural Ice” beer can in the center console and some crushed beer cans next to the intoxicated passenger sitting in the backseat. Reyes blew a 0.14, twice.

Nitasha Lynn Manning, 35, Gallup, NM

Aug. 29, 11:10 pm

2nd DWI, aggravated

It wasn’t a good night for downtown Arts Crawl coordinator Nitasha Manning. She drove right into a DWI checkpoint on Third Street at the intersection of Maxwell. Gallup Police Department Officer Angelo Cellicion stated in his report that he could smell the “odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle.” During his questioning, Manning told Cellicion that she had two beers, according to the report. There was also an un-open beer in the car.

She agreed to take the field sobriety tests and wasn’t able to pass them. During the standing on one leg test she “was swaying from side to side,” almost losing her balance, the report states. As Cellicion placed her under arrest, he asked Manning if she would take a breath test, and Manning “shook her head no,” twice. That earned her the charge of aggravated DWI and suspension of her driver’s license. She is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court Oct. 13.