Weekly Crime Blotter


Woman arrested with ‘glass’

Sept. 8

Sharon Tolino was charged along with three others, for breaking and entering, at the old Alpine Lumber Mill. The suspect, Tolino, was also charged with possession of a controlled and prohibited substance. Gallup Police Department Officer Chris Molina discovered two other females at the scene. It appeared they had been living there for at least a week. They had a long extension cord for power, and beds. Tolino had a bag of glass that appeared to be Methamphetamine. No one else was at the scene.

Woman arrested with two others

Sept. 8

Brenda Haudley was arrested along with three others at the old Alpine Lumber Mill. Officer Chris Molina was the arresting officer and spoke with the property owner, Joseph Hall, who reportedly cleaned out the place 2-3 weeks prior to the incident. Brenda Haudley was charged with breaking and entering.

Man turns in meth smoking girlfriend

Sept. 8

Keith Yazzie flagged down officer Officer Chris Molina informing him of a burglary in progress. Yzzie’s girlfriend, Frances Haudley was allegedly smoking meth in the old Alpine Lumber. After a search, it appeared the suspect, and two other women had been living there. Officer Molina met with the property owner Joseph Hall to discuss the incident. Haudley was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Theft at Joe Auto Sales

Sept. 3

Officer Chris Molina answered a call from a concerned property owner, at Joe Auto Sales. The business owner, Salvador Chavez was checking his property when he noticed a man dressed all in black hanging around outside the property after hours and walking down the alley. The suspect Eric Emerson, of Window Rock, AZ was seen getting into a vehicle. He was stopped and later charged with burglary of a vehicle and criminal trespassing.

Aug. 30

Man hogtied for peanut butter sandwiches and cookies

A prisoner from the county jail, Andrew Smith reported an incident of battery that occurred at the county jail. While sleeping in F-pod, Smith reportedly heard a voice he identified as Robert Baca say, “hold him down.” Smith was hog tied and pushed down by a group whom he believed intended to rape him. Employees later pulled him out. Smith believes the other suspects did this so that the employees would see and provide them with peanut butter sandwiches and cookies.

Dine and Dash turns serious

Aug. 29

GPD Officer Leland Soseeah was dispatched to Denny’s east, responding to a classic of case of dine and dash. But, according to the report, Fidel Apache thought that the woman he dined with was going to foot the bill. He told police that Sandra Manning said she needed to use the restroom, but instead left the restaurant. It wasn’t a good enough excuse to get out of trouble. He was charged with falsely obtaining services and accommodation.

Alcohol-fueled stabbing

Aug. 23

A simple case of a friend trying to help a friend turned ugly after a night of partying. And it was a good thing that the friend had an extra set of handcuffs so he could restrain Jeffrey Tsosie until police arrived. Responding GPD Officer Matthew Ashley stated in his report that Shawn Brown was gathered around the table when he heard a “click” noise and saw Tsosie jump on mutual friend Travis Platero. In trying to pull the knife from Tsosie, Platero was bit on the arm. A criminal complaint was filed against Tsosie in Magistrate Court Aug. 23 for two counts of aggravated battery with use of a deadly weapon.

Spousal fight results in child abuse charges

Aug. 22

According to GPD Officer Douglas Hoffmann’s report, Quincy and Ronnie Quintana, got into a violent fight that resulted in charges for the crimes of aggravated battery against a household member and abuse of a child. While the house had blood throughout it and there was a broken door and window, the child wasn’t actually hit. But since the child was present, both parents were charged. The grandparents of their infant child took temporary custody.

Pepper sampling not allowed

Aug. 11

It’s an oldie, but could easily qualify as strange booking of the week. According to GPD Officer Andrea Tsosie’s report, Leon Fred Thompson had no problem paying for some tomatoes, but couldn’t resist sampling Wal-Mart’s enticing, but packaged red and orange peppers. He selectively opened a package and walked back to the liquor department to chomp down the colorful peppers. Little did he know, Wal-Mart’s loss prevention was onto his sneaky ways. He was not only booked for shoplifting, but was “trespassed” from Wal-Mart.