Weekly Crime Blotter


From intoxicated people, trespassing, burglary and domestic disputes, citizens need to be vigilantes in their neighborhoods and call police for any suspicious activity occurring in the area that they live.

Gallup Police Capt. Rick White said that GPD “definitely needs citizen's help” in order to curb crime in the city.

A scary and recent trend is happening now causing GPD to warn citizens to guard their mailboxes.

“For the past couple of weeks, unknown person(s) are going around to various mailboxes and stealing outgoing mail or incoming mail,” White said.

He explained that the suspects are removing checks out of mail, changing the check and cashing it for large amounts of money.

“Anybody who sees anyone tampering with mail needs to call the police,” he said.

He also said it would be a good idea for citizens to mail checks by going directly to the post office and not leave them in the mailbox.

“Not only this crime, but car burglaries, residential burglaries, [the citizens] have got to be our eyes and ears out there for us."


Aggressive grandmother bites baby, goes to jail

A domestic dispute inside of a vehicle at Super Laundromat east April 30 led to the arrest of 39 year old grandmother Sheila Lynch of Gallup. According to the police report filed by Officer Daniel Brown, after a short investigation, the evidence showed that Lynch was the aggressor in the situation and that she struck her 20 year old daughter, Shinowa Silago, while she was driving and bit the finger of her 1-year-old grandson. She was arrested for Battery on a household member and abandonment or abuse of a chi

Baby caught in the middle

Two sisters called police to their home on Baca Court April 24 in reference to their brothers fighting with them according to Gallup Police Officer Justin Benally's report. When police arrived, one brother was already asleep and the other had left the residence. The mother complained that her daughters get aggressive when intoxicated and request that they be removed from the residence. Dana Silver was taken to the Community Service Aide panel van without incident.

Chelsea Silver, however, was a different story when she used her 10 month old child, who was in her arms, in order for the police not to take her from the residence. Police struggled with Chelsa attempting to protect the child and gain control over her simultaneously. Police did successfully get the child to the grandmother and take Chelsea into custody.

“While on my way to the jail Chelsea started to bang her head against the window and was screaming,” Benally wrote in his report.

Benally ended up having to take Chelsea to Gallup Indian Medical Center for a medical clearance. At the hospital, she continued to bang her head and was about to bang her head on the hospital floor. Benally was able to prevent that from happening. Chelsea was booked into the jail for abandonment of a child.

Thieves caught red handed

Gallup Police arrested two individuals in relation with a burglary at 2500 East Aztec. Ester Yazzie, 44, of Gamerco and Marty Nathan, 39, of Pinehill were both arrested April 27 after police were called to the area. Yazzie was located inside the residence by the homeowner. Nathan was found a short time later with the approximately $150 worth of stolen property on his person.

Check your bills

An unknown person used a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill at Blakes Lotaburger East on April 27.

Aggressive panhandler threatens, fights officers

Tanike Walters, 22, of Tohatchi was arrested for assault and two counts of battery upon a peace officer after panhandling and threatening a Gamerco citizen at Pronto Fina April 27. According to GPD Officer Andrea Tsosie's report, Walters was intoxicated and highly aggressive when they were attempting to put her into the CSA panel van. After kicking Tsosie several times and threatening to kill her and her family, she was taken to the jail where she continued the behavior even spitting on the detention officers and Sgt. Francie Martinez.


He loves shop-'lifting' from Walmart

Vernon Nozie,47, was arrested and charged with burglary April 18 after shoplifting from Walmart for approximately the seventh time. Due to several previous trespass notices given to Nozie, he was not authorized to enter the establishment anymore, therefore causing the burglary charge.

GPD responded to the area of First Street and East Wilson April 27 after a young boy reported a suspicious man pulled up to him in an older model white pickup truck. The suspect is described as an older white male, in his 60's “about 5'10, skinny build, gray beard, with a bald head and wearing a white shirt.” The man winked at the young child and tried to call him over to his vehicle, the young boy ran to a nearby neighbor and called police. GPD were unable to locate the man or the vehicle.


Officer encounters 'double trouble'

Margaret Notah, 40, of Mentmore was arrested after she took her boyfriend's vehicle without permission after he broke up with her. She took the vehicle from the apartment complex on Nizhoni Boulevard and was located very shortly in the Gallup Indian Medical Center's parking lot. While being detained in the back of Officer Harland Soseeah's unit, a drunk driver struck the vehicle's door in the parking lot. The female driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated and Notah was checked out by medical personnel.

Wrong house

Gregory Yazzie, 31, of Gallup, was found leaving a residence on South Strong where he didn't live. He was arrested and charged with breaking and entering April 29.


Shotgun-wielding creeper

Joshua Smith, 24, of Gallup, was arrested May 3 for negligent use of a deadly weapon after he was reportedly caught walking around a neighbor's house intoxicated and with a shotgun. Officers found him locked inside his vehicle with the gun in the 600 block of West Mesa.

Just brutal: Skateboard used to beat man

After a brutal beating, 20 year old Marcus Watts ended up in the hospital and 28 year old Alexander Johnson, of Albuquerque, ended up in jail. Watts was found unresponsive, but breathing at the Super 8 Motel May 2. Witnesses described Johnson, who had left the scene and was later found at Walmart in possession of the skateboard, complete with blood on it, that he used to batter Watts. Johnson was charged with aggravated battery and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.